Thriller at the griller

by william scape

I daydreamed about me and this tall brunette Amanda were kissing in the dry storage room at mason street grill and 10 minutes later I got her out of her panties and fucked her underneath a table in the bar room.

while I was screwin her underneath the table my phone rang and I reached up on the table to grab it. amanda grabs my hand and takes my phone from my hand.

“he’s kinda busy”she tells the caller” can you call him back later?”

“now where were we?” she asks grabbing me and kissing me

the camera zooms in on the table shaking and she’s moaning loudly

“is somebody in here?” a voice asks

“I think someone’s having sex underneath that table” another person says”we’ll wait until they’re done.”

I hear the door to the room close and Amanda wraps her long legs around my waist

the table begins to shake back and forth and no one bothered us, thankfully we never got caught!


photo finish

by William scape

(c) 2017

Daydreaming about a gran turismo 5 15 lap race against chuck super day, super day is the gt 5 world champion the past 5 years. no one can beat super day, no one.

he was heavily favored but I was able to beat him by a hair of  a second. I go to the finish line and there’s cheering and fans yelling my name, the gt 5 president gives me the championship cup and kara this tall brunette in an STP racing uniform and high heels comes up to me”congratulations baby” she says and grabs me and kisses me.

“hey Mr. scape, how does it feel to beat a 5 time world champion?” a reporter asks. Kara is still kissing me reaches over and pushes the reporters microphone away.

eventually, every one left the victory lane ceremony, Kara’s still kissing me, I eventually picked her up and carried her to a nearby garage I got her out of her racing gear and had sex with her in the back of the STP race car, and on the hood of the car a mechanic walked by us as we were going for it and didn’t say anything, he just let us do it.


Imagination:The new porn

By William Scape

(c) 2017

My imagination is vast I’ve perfected it to the point I can imagine myself doing anything anywhere these days while this took time and effort to make it as vivid as it is, I am happy with the results of my efforts.

There was a redhead named Sadie who worked at a Starbucks I used to frequently visit when I lived in Cudahy. I’ve never seen her naked but over time I was able to take off her clothes without ever touching her

Every time I would approach her talk to her she would look at me smile or say hello to customers.My eyes are like lenses whenever I see something or someone interesting I look at it and take a picture of it using my inner camera (eyes) then I store them in my short term or long term memory

I can retrieve these images I have taken pictures of using my mind’s camera later after I leave the Starbucks,so I retrieve the image of Sadie smiling or talking to me at Starbucks and then I edit them by using my mind, I call it mental photo shop.

I just imagine her doing something other than talking to me or smiling at me, (undressing, flirting, talking off her clothes having no clothes on at all kissing me or opening the closet at Starbucks and asking me if I can help her get something out of the closet. I even imagined her having sex with president obama in the storage closet there!!

I can do this with photographs too! Right now I have a gallery of pictures of beaches, lawn chairs, waterfalls, hot tub,yacht, on my laptop I have made my imagination so vivid that I can imagine myself having sex with any women in those photographs.

park sand

Took the picture at the beach in grant park in South Milwaukee.there were a dozen rocks and weeds on this sand but I removed them to get this shot.using my imagination I can craft a scene involving me and a woman on a blanket in this picture.I call it mental cut and paste,or mental Photoshop. The vast pieces of your imagination are like clay, they just have to be shaped, molded and then put in your mental kiln.



bed on pallets

Another example, this mattress on pallets, no woman in this picture, HOWEVER using the memories of women I’ve seen on the city bus or talked to or worked with, I can imagine one laying on this bed.all i use is my imagination and a long term memory like mine!

I’ve been creating my own erotic movies since I was 12, I just looked at a picture or a woman and added a sexual situation to it. I didn’t need a camera or women with fake breasts,makeup and high heels. All I did was think and imagine. If porn was banned or abolished, I would feel no pain.An imagined sex scene in your mind is much more entertaining than any internet porn image or video.





A parked van and reporter Rachael Kaye.

see the staircase in the picture?

“that’s what I’m proposing to the board” creston told her as they headed down the stairs”we need someone who can get this project off on the right track.”

“actually I might be what you’re looking for” rachael says

“well that’s very kind of you” he said to her opening the door to the van”but this is a very difficult hands on project that will require a lot of work and dedication to complete.”

“I have experience in working on complex hands on projects” she replied.

“miss rachael, I love your enthusiasm but I really need someone who can-”

“trust me mr.creston” rachael said looking over at him”If you put me on the project, I will make sure that it’s done to your satisfaction.”

the eagles”heartache tonight” plays in the background.


Proof of Purchase

Proof of purchase

By williacj

(c) 2016

I met her at a wine dinner ,Joanne, curly hair, big tits,lush ass in  long red dress matching her brown open toed heels.

Several glasses of strong red wine later ,we went from “hello and hi there” to “doggy style or missionary?”

Joanne sat in my lap on a nearby couch and rode my stiff brown cock. She threw her head back and bounced her thick smooth white ass on my cock as i lay on my back my hands firmly gripping her big warm soft ass cheeks. I squeezed her tits together and worked my tongue around her perky hard nipples.

After our VIP room frolic we got dressed and went our separate ways

An hour and a half later a tall curvy blonde in a pink dress walks up to me at the bar and hands me a slip of paper

“what’s this for?” i asked

I looked at the paper and it read “this entitles you to 85% off your next wine purchase”

I stood there for a minute puzzled

Then I looked across the room and there was Joanne sitting in a booth she blew me a kiss and waved at me

“sold!” I thought to myself





In the beginning…

By William Scape

I’ve been writing sex stories since I was 13, my first one was about a girl i went to school with at Longfellow elementary, after that the rest is history.

My foster mother found one of my stories about my high school homeroom teacher in a garbage can, she made me read it out loud to her and then told me she didn’t want me writing that stuff in her house because her”Grand kids might see it”

I stopped writing briefly after that out of fear, but during that time i wanted to write as there were more girls and women i had thoughts about but i couldn’t get over my embarrassment of her finding my stories.

I entered MATC and once again, inspirations for writing about sex surrounded me, they were instructors and classmates, I decided the hell with my stepmother’s criticism, i knew i was gifted at this, i was going to pursue this kind of genre, I did just that.

I would not let criticisms stop me from pursuing what i felt was a gift, i wrote about almost every woman i came in contact with, and there were scenarios that inspired me to write, and that made it more interesting.

I would take real situations where i would ask a woman out and get turned down or she ignored my advances. I would use these ‘rejections” as plots for stories, she didn’t respond so i had sex with her aunt, niece or daughter or close friend or sister.

I wrote one story where I asked a woman out and she called me ugly and in the story i showed her my equipment and she changed her mind because she was impressed!

I have come up with ridiculous plots for stories thanks to my various attempts at talking to women one story where this tall blonde named Heidi turns me down and tells me her husband is more of a man than me, he gets struck by lightning and wakes up the next day with a 2 inch penis, he can’t fit inside Heidi anymore and when i find out from his doctor i rub it in Heidi’s face that her hubby can’t get hard anymore, in the story she calls me up and says she hasn’t had any sex in awhile and decides to sleep with me she has guy friends but i’m the first black guy she’s ever been with

I asked this co-worker named Lisa out for coffee and she said”that would be nice” but in reality she wasn’t interested in hanging out with me, i take that real life situation and come up with a plot where i have sex with her cousin or her aunt and they are satisfied they tell Lisa and Lisa is very upset with me when she finds out,

I have plots involving tall white men, with corporate jobs,expensive cars and lofts or condos, mainly because blondes and brunettes often choose them over me, in my stories i come up with plots where they either 1.can’t get hard anymore 2.enter a sex competition with me to see who can last the longest in bed and they end up losing.

I use slavery and racism in my erotic fiction too, one plot where a blonde tells me she doesn’t like black guys looking at her and i keep doing it and she tells her boyfriend and he brings a group of dead ku klux Klan members back to life and they come to my house and burn a cross in my yard and call me the N word and i end up fighting them in a showdown and i win.

I came up with a scene where a woman finds out I’ve been fantasizing about her and tells her husband he tells me i’d better keep his wife out of my mind, he tells me”you are a slave and slaves do what they are told or they end up hanging from a tree in the south, I keep fantasizing about her and when he finds out he creates a task force titled “project crow” to reinstate the segregation laws of the 60s here in Milwaukee, unfortunately a great battle between me and the members of project crow goes down and I win.

I have a plot where a woman turns me down and I end up sleeping with her daughter and we film it and send to her on DVD, a scene where i have sex with this man’s wife and her daughter finds out and she wants to sleep with me too, or i have sex with a woman and she asks me if I can have sex with her daughter too

Into the will’s scape

I’ve been writing erotic fiction since I was 12 years old. This blog is for that purpose.

Please don’t post comments like “pervert, you’re disgusting or you can’t get a real woman.” your opinions mean NOTHING to me. I didn’t care at 12 years old you really think I’m going to care at 40?

If you are offended by what I write, you don’t have to read this. feel free to criticize my blog. after all, this is a democracy, you are free to disagree with what I write,and I’m also free to ignore or laugh hysterically what you have to say about them.