Imagination:The new porn

By William Scape

(c) 2017

My imagination is vast I’ve perfected it to the point I can imagine myself doing anything anywhere these days while this took time and effort to make it as vivid as it is, I am happy with the results of my efforts.


There was a redhead named Sadie who worked at a Starbucks I used to frequently visit when I lived in Cudahy. I’ve never seen her naked but over time I was able to take off her clothes without ever touching her


Every time I would approach her talk to her she would look at me smile or say hello to customers.My eyes are like lenses whenever I see something or someone interesting I look at it and take a picture of it using my inner camera (eyes) then I store them in my short term or long term memory

I can retrieve these images I have taken pictures of using my mind’s camera later after I leave the Starbucks,so I retrieve the image of Sadie smiling or talking to me at Starbucks and then I edit them by using my mind, I call it mental photo shop.

I just imagine her doing something other than talking to me or smiling at me, (undressing, flirting, talking off her clothes having no clothes on at all kissing me or opening the closet at Starbucks and asking me if I can help her get something out of the closet. I even imagined her having sex with president obama in the storage closet there!!

I can do this with photographs too! Right now I have a gallery of pictures of beaches, lawn chairs, waterfalls, hot tub,yacht, on my laptop

I have made my imagination so vivid that I can imagine myself having sex with any women in these photographs

park sand

Took the picture at the beach in grant park in South Milwaukee.there were a dozen rocks and weeds on this sand but I removed them. a photo of a blonde haired woman. using my imagination I can put the woman on the sand in the picture.










I call it mental cut and paste,or mental photoshop. The vast pieces of your imagination are like clay, they just have to be shaped, molded and then put in your mental kiln.





bed on pallets


Another example, this mattress on pallets, no woman in this picture, HOWEVER using the memories of women I’ve seen on the city bus or talked to or worked with, I can imagine one laying on this bed.

the presence of porn is unnecessary to achieve this, all you need is an imagination and a long term memory like mine!

Speaking of porn, I’ve been creating my own erotic movies since I was 12, I just looked at a picture or a woman and added a sexual situation to it. I didn’t need a camera or women with fake breasts,makeup, wearing high heels. All I did was think and imagine. If porn was banned or abolished, I would feel no pain.An imagined sex scene in my mind is much more interesting than any porn on the internet.



a hot shower and lorri minetti in my imagination=inner sex scene. no porn

whatsoever. all I need is my mind to bring the two together.


New year’s please


New year’s please

By william scape

© 2016

So i’m at a new year’s eve party at the monument hotel and I run into tall brunette amanda

“hey Amanda” i said giving her a hug” how are you,so surprised to see you here”

“Yeah, I usually would sleep in but i decided to get out the house tonight.”

“So who are you here with?”

“I’m flyin’ solo tonight dude” she says”me and my boyfriend we broke up a few weeks ago,i tried to make it work and it’s just not working out between us anymore”

“well, if it makes you feel any better I’ve been single for the past 19 years. i don’t see myself settling down with one woman.”

So do you still write poetry?” she asked

“yes, i also write fiction regular fiction and erotic fiction”

“YOU write about sex?”

“yep I’ve been writing since i was 13. My foster mom found one of my stories and she told me not to write that stuff in her house again” i said laughing”but i kept writing because i felt i was good at it”

“who do you write about?” Amanda asked

“former co workers, and women I’ve seen on the city bus” i said

“oh wow” Amanda said”interesting”i thought you were all innocent”

“I’m no angel though” i said”I’ve had sex with women, gone to strip clubs, went to mardi gras three times so I’ve had some adult fun in my 36 years on this earth”

”hey it was nice talking to you” she said looking up from her phone” but my friend Tessa is here, I’m gonna go meet up with her”

“okay thanks” I told her” i’ll see you around, enjoy the night.”

I headed to the lobby to see if i could spot any lonely ladies to strike up a conversation with.

A hour later around 10;50 i hear someone calling my name

“so we meet again” she says as she came walking up to me

“it’s almost close to midnight” i said”are you havin a good time?”

“sorta” she said”my friend Tessa ditched me so now i’m by myself tonight”

“you can hang out with me, i’m not the most handsome or interesting guy in here but i’m just me”

“you are so kind” she said

“i like hanging out with you Amanda i really do, thank you for spending time with me earlier”

“you just look so innocent” she said”i thought you were, reserved all morally you know”

“like i said earlier, I’ve done some things god wouldn’t approve of, but i’m no angel, i have my urges and needs”

“can i ask you a question?” she asked”dude you’re a really nice guy, but i have no one to make out with at midnight, i was wondering if you wanted to kiss me?”

“cool” i said”let me know when, it’s 11:45 right now”

“no strings attached okay?” she asked

“yep” i said”i get it, i didn’t come to this party to get married or meet ms.right”

“okay everyone, countdown” a voice says”9…8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..happy new year!

The poppers started going off and the balloons began to fall

The band began to play Auld Lang Syne

”happy new year to a really sweet guy” she said wrapping her around my neck

She pressed her lips against mine and i grabbed her around the waist and held on to her tightly we kissed for 3 minutes

“you’re a good kisser” i said to her”so how are you gettin home tonight?” i asked her

“i’ll call a cab or Uber” she says”you wanna split a cab?”

“actually i rented a room for tonight” i said”i figured it would be much safer to stay the night,Let me know when you leave.

“I’m gonna have a drink or two before i go home” she said”what’s your number?”

I told her my number and she put it in her phone and we went our separate ways

I decided after a screwdriver and a 7&7 that i was done partying, I left the bar and headed to the elevator and took it to the 6th floor

I went to my suite slide the key in the door and went inside and sat down on the bed and started watching TV

20 minutes later my cell phone rings

“hey it’s me,I wanna ask you a favor” she began”i’ve been thinkin about what we did earlier,can I come up to your room?”

“yeah sure” i said”I’m in 602, i’m not going to bed anytime soon”

“okay cool thanks” she said”i’ll be up in just a few”

10 minutes later There was a knock on the door”it’s me amanda” she said

“thank you for stopping” i said opening the door”i appreciate the company”

I lay down on the bed,she lay down on the bed beside me

”dude that kiss made my night” she said

“same here” i replied”wasn’t expecting it”

Amanda reached over and touched my hand.

“you wanna fuck?”

Man,I never saw this coming. I felt myself getting hard.i just turned to her and kissed her on the hand.

As we started tonguing each other I realized It was gonna be a really happy new year for both of us, my only resolution was getting amanda out of her dress and panties. my erection growing every time our tongues met, I reached down and squeezed amanda’s tits she responded by reaching her hand down and rubbing my crotch.

“we’ve got too many clothes on” she says she kisses me and I undo her bra and start sucking her tits and she damn near tears my shirt off, 10 minutes later our clothes lay on the floor in a pile.

“that’s enough” amanda says”park it, now!”

I get on top of her enter her slowly

”ohhhh yeah” she whispers.

I start thrusting inside of her she runs her fingers across my back.

”harder hon” she demanded

I held her legs up and started giving her the good stuff

“ohhh my goodness..ohhhhhh umppff” she moaned as I deep fucked her.

”my only new year’s resolution is fuckin the shit out of you” I whispered in her ear”I’m gonna start this new year off in your pussy.”

”where have you been all my life?” she gaped digging her nails into my backside. I just kept diving into her wet sticky abyss. I ran my tongue several times around her tits

”goddammit you’re deep up in that shit”she moaned”I’ve never gotten my gash probed like this before” she pressed her lips against mine

”fuck me “ she demanded, fuck my brains out give me all of it”

I continued to power thrust my cock deep in her my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

”ohhhh umpff…godammm” she wrapped her long legs around my waist

”deep enough?” I asked fucking her pussy counterclockwise

“ummmm..fuck”she muttered through clenched teeth.holy…holy..fuck…I can feel every inch of…urghhh umpfffff.dude, shit!”

I put her legs up on my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her ankles.

”gotta start the new year off right” I said  rammin home in amanda’s pussy

”ohhhhhh” she gasped with widened eyes”ohhh you..are..ohhh I feel every bit of that dick”

I was not stoppin, I just kept workin her pussy I looked down and my cock was covered in her creamy secretions.

”I’m doin a good job I see” I gasped.

“omigod dude kept fuckin me, you’re not done yet” she demanded looking up at me.

She was right about that, I wasn’t done ringing in the new year between those warm white thighs of hers, I kept deep thrustin and she grabbed hold of the sheets

”had enough amanda?” I asked

she just lay there gettin her cunt probed balls just thumpin loudly against her pussy lips

”omg..omigod” she gasped”dude you just made me cum for the third time in a row” she gasped.

”is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked.

amanda leaned up and kissed me”stop asking questions just fuck me damn it, fuck that pussy” amanda looked up at me

”uh uh dude no way don’t take it out” she said”if you pull out i will not forgive you, you’re really close”

I buried my head in her cleavage and amanda wrapped her legs around my waist and I began thrustin away at her wet crease her phone rang

”don’t pick it up it can wait”she said”keep fucking me you just keep screwin the daylights out of me” she ordered.

i did as i was told, man amanda was wet i was parked between those thighs just gettin that twat i was corkscrewing her pussy had her legs up on my shoulders at one point goin deep off the diving board in her twat balls thumpin against that slick labia of hers

“ohhh shit” amanda moaned”fuck me dude”

her wish was my command, i deep dicked amanda’s pussy, balls slappin against that pussy our bodies slappin against each other sweat dripping down my forehead

“bend over” i said

amanda turned over and parked that white tight ass of hers in front of me. i pressed my cock against her pussy lips and she queefed

“ohhhhhh walters” i groaned”walters damn your pussy’s tight”

she put her head down and grabbed a hold of the bedspread

“omigod dude” she moaned”omgod right there you’re gonna make me cum you just keep taggin me right there dude don’t move”

i gripped her waist and shoved my hard cock int her tight twat

“oh man” i gapsed”i’m fuckin the shit out of you walters, all that dick’s doin its job am i right or wrong?

“ohhhhhh..umphhhhh” she muttered burying her face in the pillow “omigod you’re… holy fuck” she exclaimed”oh wow i didn’t know you were this-”

i just sat there doggy dickin down amanda’s crack her pussy lips squeezed my cock then she buried her face in the pillow again

“urgghhhh… fucker!” she exclaimed pounding her fist on the bed.

“startin the year right” i said smackin her on the ass her ass slapped against my legs”got that ass jigglin” i said

“omigod take it home take that fuckin shit home” she demanded

i grabbed a handfull of her hair kissed her on the neck and started workin my cock deep in her from behind.

“uhhh walters uhhh walters ohhh yes godamnit” i exclaimed”what a way to start off 2017″

amanda pushed that lovely ass back against me and I kept nailin her from behind”

uhh ahhhhmanda i’m gonna cum i can’t go any longer this is too much i’m comin i’m almost happy new year” i exclaimed i just grabbed a hold of her and spurted my hot sticky load deep in her tight pink pussy.

“uhhhh happy new year to you” i gasped jerking forward as i emptied my ballsacks in her pussy she looked back at me

“you creamed my twat” she said laughing i pulled my cock out.

“i would’ve cum on your ass” i told her

“oh my god dude you fucked my brains out, i came three times” she said fingering her pussy”look at that”

she reached into her pussy and a glob of cum oozed out

“my new year’s pleasure” i said.

“you gotta fuck me next dec 31st” she said licking cum off her fingers.

“well i got your number” i told her”just call me.”

we both took a shower and got dressed. and i worked her over the next morning before she went home.

She comes around….

By william scape

(c) 2016


Get up stand up stand up for your rights


get up stand up don’t give up the fight


Hi I’m Tristan Easy a really stuck up blonde who just found out that willscape has been fantasizing about having sex with me and I am absolutely outraged.


As a woman with a tall muscular Caucasian boyfriend who specializes in ultimate fighting I am teaming with women from Milwaukee who have been fantasized about by willscape and are coming together to create the stand up against mental rape coalition


Together we can fight willscape’s fantasies about us, we can force him not to fantasize about us anymore, by wearing clothes that reveal very little and having our boyfriends and husbands with us at all times to prevent him from ever looking at us again


“Hi I’m ripped pirate and I’m tristan’s boyfriend,


“ willscape I am going to beat you down if you ever look at my girl and get an erection ever again”


See all it takes is one man standing up for his woman’s rights


Then the door burst open


“well if it isn’t tristan’s boyfriend or whoever you are” scantron said as he walked in the room


Ripped pirate reached for his weapon


“don’t try it” exxxidon said snatching his glock from him


I walked up to tristan


“two words” I began”game over”


She looked at me as charger tron and strydon all came into the room


“you’re gonna stand up for his perversion” she said to exxidon


“it’s not a perversion” exxidon said angrily”wilscape’s imagination is his, he is allowed to look at any woman he wants and if he thinks about her with no clothes on well that’s that, you have no control over what he thinks about even if he thinks about fucking you in his mind”


“well, you’re wrong okay” she said”willscape is not allowed to fantasize about me without my boyfriend’s permission”


Strydon laughed


”there will be no attacks made against willscape’s fantasies” he says”you’ll just have to deal with him taking your clothes off in his mind”


”I have a present for you” I said walking up to her”my neurologist has a machine that can record the thoughts of any man and this is a DVD of my sexual fantasies about you”


She looked at the DVD


”really?” she asked


Scantron scanned a video player in the room


“why don’t we show Tristan what we think of her “laws against sexual fantasies”


The dvd began to play


“ohhhhh….uhhhhh..yes..ofg fuck me…willscape..shit..godamnit” Tristan moaned as I deep dicked her doggystyle,


“as you can see here willscape doesn’t care much for your “rules” exxidon says pointing at the tv


“there you are, ripped pirate” strydon says”in the corner of the room watching your girl get screwed, barred by an electric invisible shield”


“you puny little motherfucker!” ripped pirate said as he charged over at me


Chargertron sent out a ohm wave toward ripped pirate immobilizing him


Exxidon turned up the volume on the TV


“uhhhhh…uhhhhh…omigod..omigod..omigood” Tristan moaned as she was getting fucked the camera zooms in on her toes curling up and her fingers gripping my backside tightly


“without your permission, Tristan” I said to her sternly


The scene cuts to her legs up on my shoulders and me rammin home cock in her


“yessss..ohhh fuck…me….harder you….goddamnit” she moaned


“where’s the pirate?”


“he’s over there watchin me get fucked’ tristan moans on the dvd”omigod…I never had..a dick as big as yours..omigoddd”


“as you can see on this DVD I have no respect for your “rules against sexual fantasies” I said”yes you can’t stop me, no I won’t have to worry about your boyfriend or the boyfriends of any woman coming after me”


I turned off the DVD


Ripped pirate got up off the floor


“honestly” Tristan says”I can’t stop you from fantasizing about my tits so I might as well….


And with that she pulled her tight pink shirt over her head and brought the twins out


Charger tron looked at me


“my morals just went out the window” I said


Tristan smiled


”liar” she said walking up to me


She put my head between her tits and shook them from side to side


“wow those boobs are huge” I said”put those things away before you poke an eye out”


“Tristan, I’m your boyfriend, remember?” ripped pirate asked


She looked at him


“did you see what he was doin’ to me on that screen a few minutes ago?” she asked”and that was just in his imagination, if a guy can imagine himself fucking the daylights out of me what’s he like in bed in real life”


Scantron put his arm around me


”well buddy,here’s your chance to screw a hot and horny blonde” he said”she wants it”


I undressed and Tristan pulled her silk white panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.





Safety Pinned

by Willliam Scape

(c) 2016

I dreamed i got a phone call from a casual sex partner, Kara


“Chris we need to talk, it’s really important” she said”I was wondering if you could come over”


I grabbed my keys and took the bus over to her house and when i got there she was standing by her door waiting for me


”hi honey” she says giving me a long warm hug”thank you for coming over”


she had the TV on watching a climate change documentary probably national geographic


There was an older man sitting in the living room


”this is my uncle Ulysses” she says i reached out and shook his hand


”my niece has told me good things about you son” he says”you’re a real man”


“it’s hard to be that these days” i told him”it seems men today have adopted a bad boy culture and being from my background i would never do it it wouldn’t make sense”


Kara peeked in the living room and motioned me to come to her.


she took me by the hand she led me upstairs to the bedroom and she closed the door


”baby i just don’t want to get pregnant” she says putting her arms around my neck” i just want to be safe if we’re going to do this from now on, we should use protection”


“hey Kara” i began “ it’s all good i want us to be safe too”


“are you sure you’re okay with the protection thing?”


“safety first” i replied”always”


she wrapped around her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine


”thank you baby” she says


‘no thank you” i said as i reached down and grabbed her rear end


”take it all off baby” she said she ran her fingers over and over my bald head.


i unbuttoned her shirt and reached around an undid her bra


She lat down an the bed i kissed her on her bellybutton and then worked my tongue around her nipples


”mm…honey” she gasped i tugged gently at her red panties before i pulled them down to her ankles and threw them aside


She reached over and pulled at my shirt i took off my shirt and my jeans


”underwear” she whispered”off off off”


I took off my briefs and she reached over and grabbed a hold of my cock i grabbed her and pulled her closer to me


”protection baby” she whispered


I hadn’t forgotten. I reached into my jacket pocket,pulled out a Trojans condom opened it and slipped it on as she lay there fingering herself on the bed


Kara reached over to her nightstand and turned on the her I-pod touch,


Washed Out’s “feel it all around” perfect soundtrack for this moment


she pressed her soft pink lips against mine and wrapped her long legs around my waist i positioned myself on top of her.


“baby” she gasped


I reached down and entered her pussy on an angle and began thrusting slowly into her. Several thrusts in she was getting her furniture rearranged i looked behind her.


every time i would thrust in her her toes would curl up, i kept thrusting, kissing her on the neck and sucking on her nipples


”is it deep enough? I whispered in her ear


she breathed in heavily she let out a muffled “uh-huh……”


I began fucking her harder, the headboard began to bang slightly against the wall


Kara knew i was worried about the headboard noise


”baby please” she whispered running her fingers across my back ”keep going”


Then i heard a knock on the door,she pressed her lips against mine and wrapped her arms tightly around me


“uh uh” she whispered”he can wait”


I put her long legs on my shoulders wrapped my arms around her ankles and started ramming away at her


”ohhhhhhhhh” she gasped


“harder?” i whispered


“yes baby please” she gasped”oh baby baby right there don’t stop please right there fuck me baby”


I sucked on her nipples and just kept deep diving in Kara’s wet pussy


I pulled out”bend over” i whispered in her ear


Kara turned around and got on her hands and knees in front of me


I kissed her on her neck and ears then gripped her waist and rammed myself in her from behind


”faster kara? I asked


“yessss baby please it’s….” she moaned”ohhh ooh yes fuck me baby oh yes baby yes ooh my goodness fuck…


I smacked her on the ass


“oh my goodness!”she gasped”I love it when you smack me on my ass”


I continued thrusting away at that lovely shaved crease of hers, my legs slapping loudly against Kara’s tush


“Let me know when you’re satisfied” i whispered


“don’t stop baby, keep going right there” she begged” yes ohh my goodness baby…baby please please ummm…mmm shit yes!”


her eyes widened and she let out a huge moan I felt her pussy lips quiver and her pussy lips tightened on my cock


“kara are you alright?” her uncle yelled to her


“i’m fine” she shot back


I made Kara come, I knew it. she turned around and kissed me


“you just fucked the shit out of me” she said”and i loved every bit of you inside me, thank you”



Proof of Purchase

Proof of purchase

By William Scape

(c) 2016

I met her at a wine dinner ,Joanne, curly hair, big tits, long red dress matching her open toed pumps.


Several glasses of strong red wine later ,we went from “hello and hi there” to “doggy style or missionary?”


Joanne sat in my lap on a nearby couch and rode my stiff brown cock. She threw her head back and bounced her thick smooth white ass on my cock as i lay on my back my hands firmly gripping her big warm soft ass cheeks. I squeezed her tits together and worked my tongue around her perky hard nipples.


After our VIP room frolic we got dressed and went our separate ways


An hour and a half later a tall curvy blonde in a pink dress walks up to me at the bar and hands me a slip of paper


“what’s this for?” i asked


I looked at the paper and it read “this entitles you to 75% off your next wine purchase”


I stood there for a minute puzzled


Then I looked across the room and there was Joanne sitting in a booth she blew me a kiss and waved at me


“sold!” I thought to myself





In the beginning…

By William Scape

I’ve been writing sex stories since I was 13, my first one was about a girl i went to school with at Longfellow elementary, after that the rest is history.

My foster mother found one of my stories about my high school homeroom teacher in a garbage can, she made me read it out loud to her and then told me she didn’t want me writing that stuff in her house because her”Grand kids might see it”

I stopped writing briefly after that out of fear, but during that time i wanted to write as there were more girls and women i had thoughts about but i couldn’t get over my embarrassment of her finding my stories.

I entered MATC and once again, inspirations for writing about sex surrounded me, they were instructors and classmates, I decided the hell with my stepmother’s criticism, i knew i was gifted at this, i was going to pursue this kind of genre, I did just that.

I would not let criticisms stop me from pursuing what i felt was a gift, i wrote about almost every woman i came in contact with, and there were scenarios that inspired me to write, and that made it more interesting.

I would take real situations where i would ask a woman out and get turned down or she ignored my advances. I would use these ‘rejections” as plots for stories, she didn’t respond so i had sex with her aunt, niece or daughter or close friend or sister.

I wrote one story where I asked a woman out and she called me ugly and in the story i showed her my equipment and she changed her mind because she was impressed!

I have come up with ridiculous plots for stories thanks to my various attempts at talking to women one story where this tall blonde named Heidi turns me down and tells me her husband is more of a man than me, he gets struck by lightning and wakes up the next day with a 2 inch penis, he can’t fit inside Heidi anymore and when i find out from his doctor i rub it in Heidi’s face that her hubby can’t get hard anymore, in the story she calls me up and says she hasn’t had any sex in awhile and decides to sleep with me she has guy friends but i’m the first black guy she’s ever been with

I asked this co-worker named Lisa out for coffee and she said”that would be nice” but in reality she wasn’t interested in hanging out with me, i take that real life situation and come up with a plot where i have sex with her cousin or her aunt and they are satisfied they tell Lisa and Lisa is very upset with me when she finds out,

I have plots involving tall white men, with corporate jobs,expensive cars and lofts or condos, mainly because blondes and brunettes often choose them over me, in my stories i come up with plots where they either 1.can’t get hard anymore 2.enter a sex competition with me to see who can last the longest in bed and they end up losing.

I use slavery and racism in my erotic fiction too, one plot where a blonde tells me she doesn’t like black guys looking at her and i keep doing it and she tells her boyfriend and he brings a group of dead ku klux Klan members back to life and they come to my house and burn a cross in my yard and call me the N word and i end up fighting them in a showdown and i win.

I came up with a scene where a woman finds out I’ve been fantasizing about her and tells her husband he tells me i’d better keep his wife out of my mind, he tells me”you are a slave and slaves do what they are told or they end up hanging from a tree in the south, I keep fantasizing about her and when he finds out he creates a task force titled “project crow” to reinstate the segregation laws of the 60s here in Milwaukee, unfortunately a great battle between me and the members of project crow goes down and I win.

I have a plot where a woman turns me down and I end up sleeping with her daughter and we film it and send to her on DVD, a scene where i have sex with this man’s wife and her daughter finds out and she wants to sleep with me too, or i have sex with a woman and she asks me if I can have sex with her daughter too