bush needs

By williacj

I flat out told tall blonde josette that i wanted to have sex with her in the bushes on Kinnickinnic and Howard,she laughed.

“i’m serious” i told her”every time i pass that area on the city bus i imagine us in the bushes going at it”I’ve always wanted to fuck you in these bushes” i told her she laughed”are you sure we won’t get caught?” she asked.”no one can see or hear us”i said”if we were closer to the street i’d be a bit worried.”

josettte reached underneath her dress and pulled her panties down”I i found a tree stump nearby put your leg up on this so i can get up that tight east troy pussy’ i gasped jo jo smiled”oh my goodness”she says”I’ve never seen this side of you before” she says “josette josette got my dick deep up in josettte!”i groan she chuckles”chris you’re bad what’s gotten into you?’

i’m human i have hormones i wanted to fuck you for a while i just ever said anything until yesterday i had her legs up in the air my dick going deep in her tunnel”umpfffff shit jojo!”i grunted i’m gonna fuck the daylights out this pussy” she held on to me as i plunged my brown polish into her tight pink slit fucking josette was indeed a task a true challenge of my 42 ear old stamina i’m surprised i didn’t come within 15 minutes into fucking this lovely curly headed blonde she was enough to tire out even the most sexually endurance capable guys”ohh oooooh chris”she moaned she ran her fingers across my backside several times”oh right there jojo” i mutttered.”workin that brat all up in your pussy aren’t i? “yes you are”she gasped’don’t even think about pulling that …out ohhhhhh awesome !” josettte just lay there on my blanket as i put in my overtime my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips “ohhhh my god christopher’ she stammered her furniture was being arranged in those bushes josette jo…settte sette ohhhh god this feels incredible” i exclaimed



by willscape

my erotic stories are very interesting and the dialogue can get pretty over the top at times but It’s all to capture what’s currently going on in my mind at the present time. I try to add color to all of my stories when I write and this is the way i accomplish this.

I often write about situations I’ve seen, heard or experienced. inspirations for stories often come when I’m not expecting them. sometimes I’ll be at stone creek coffee on bay view and i’ll be having a coffee drink and i’ll hear two women having a conversation one of them will tell the other her boyfriend or fiance isn’t spending time with them. I often take out my pen and journal and jot down details of what they say and use this to create a erotic story, maybe she meets another guy who can give her what she’s not getting from her current boyfriend or husband and they go over to his house on her lunch break.

I had two co workers Jill and tom who talked a lot during their shifts one day i saw them getting out of Jill’s car one morning. I used this to come up with a story maybe they went out for coffee or lunch or maybe they spent the night at her house last night Jill’s hair looks like she washed it the night before so maybe she jumped in the shower earlier and just didn’t style it because she was too tired from last night.

Thanks for the ride

by williacj

I’ve got the hots for Liz this big tittied Latina I met at el vino a bar and grill out in waukesha. I saw her at the bar one day and we talked,we hit it off really well, she danced with me twice. when it came time for bar close I was about to leave when she asked me if I wanted a ride home.

Thanks for the ride

So we’re in the car heading toward my house. she’s telling me about her boyfriend Peso how long they’ve been together. I asked her about marriage she says she’s definitely not going to get married to him, they don’t spend much time together these days.

We park in front of my house and I tell her thanks for the ride.”can I see your place?” she asks. I nod and she gets out the car we walk to my door and I let her in.

we go up the stairs to my apartment and I open the door and she walks in. “you want something to drink? Beer, water, orange juice, soda”

”so this is where you bring all the girls” she says pointing at my bed.

“i barely have company”i tell her. Liz smiled.

”well I’m here now so you have girl on your bed.” she says.

“glad to be here with you my Liz” i told her as I grabbed her hand.

“you want to kiss me?” she asked

“yeah right” i replied.

“no ,do you want to kiss? she asked me again.

“si senorita” i nodded. She smiled and leaned up and pressed her lips against mine.

when i tried to let go she grabbed me and gripped me tighter”mmmhmmmmmmm” i exclaimed. i rolled over on top of her. i caressed her body rubbing her back and she returned the favor.

We stopped kissing and she looked at me.

“you like the kiss papi? she asked.

“si senorita mi querio la beso” i pressed my lips against hers and we started kissing again. we kept kissing for 15 more minutes eventually i reached my hands down and i grabbed her butt. i didn’t know what to expect. liz responded by rubbing her fingers across my back several times i think she was enjoying this, i let go of her reached out and squeezed her tits.

“mi gusta la liz” i said unbuttoning her shirt. I started massaging her voluptuous chest. “papi aye aye aye” she whispered as she closed her eyes and lay there as i cupped her ridiculously huge tits My goodness these things are fucking huge I say to myself as I undid her bra. she moved over closer to me and i stuck my tongue out and licked her nipples.

“oh chris’”she gasped i squeezed her tits together and sucked on both of her nipples working my tongue counterclockwise around them. having her tits in my face and in my mouth was incredible. my dick was leaking pre cum i want to stick it up in her so bad but i want to ease my way to the sex. I was halfway to my goal at this moment.

She squirmed as i sucked on her tits.”papi take out the dick” she demanded.”you know i like to suck dick” i unzipped my shorts and she reached underneath my underwear and grabbed my stiff stick she began working those soft lips around my dick.

“urgghhh Elizabeth ugurgghh” i gasped. liz cupped my balls and sucked on my balls” mi gusta la dick papi” she says she grips my brown cock and works those red lips around my cock head and strokes it up and down repeatedly.

I reach over and grab her tits”you like the titties papi” she says. Liz unbuttons her shirt and pulls it off and throws it on the bed.I took my tongue and ran it gently across liz tits. “big ass titties” i exclaimed. there should be a law against these damn things I had two choices fuck her pussy or suck on her tits. her boobs stood out for attention, her pussy would not be left out in the cold, either. after lapping away on those big ass tits i grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to me. ”take these off chica” I tell her. She unbuckled her belt and unbuttons her pants.

“I want you to fuck me” she demands. i pull off my briefs and my shorts I pull Liz’s panties down and i got on top of her. i press my cock head against her pussy lips and i fill her warm Mexican canal.

“aye” she whispered. i plant my hands by her side and hold Liz’s legs up and start taking that pussy. right then her pussy tightened around my cock i looked down at her and she licked her lips.”give it to me papi” she demanded . i grabbed her put her legs up and pinned her down to her bed as i climbed on top of her.

“I’m parkin up in you overnight’ i whispered in her ear i took my cock and pressed it firmly against liz’s pussy lips and slid in slowly.

“you feel it chica?” i asked her.

“aye chris” she whispered. i began a rockin’ up in that pussy. the bed began urch urc urc urc urccchh as i planted my arms by her side and started stickin the dick up in her.

“ohhh chris’ she gasped. “fuck me papi fuck the shit out of me bebe aye papito aye” she ran her fingers across my shoulders and pinched my butt cheeks.

“i told you that pussy is mine” i muttered in her ear.my ball sacks slapping against her pussy as i pumped myself into her. “I’m not stoppin chica” i grunted”you’re gonna be here for awhile, you’re not goin’ anywhere!”

“ohhh chris por favor no mas papito” she yelped. Liz felt that big dick up in that tight latin pussy,she was getting her innards searched. i leaned down kissed her on the lips and proceeded to plunge my dick up her pussy.

“ohhhhh si ohhh chris”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!”

‘uh-uh i’m not bustin my nut yet” I said to her” I’m not done yet fuckin you i’m gonna make you cum tonight mami”

“you like the way papi’s doing it to you?” I asked. Liz was getting fucked so hard she didn’t even respond she just lay there sweat on her forehead gripping my ass cheeks her legs spread wide.

“fuck me papi!” she mumbled. Must have been the hardest she’d ever been fucked before,that Mexican pussy was wet now. she grabbed a hold of me and held on tightly”oh papito!”she stammered. Then she squirmed shook her head turned her head to one side and closed her eyes.

“you came mami didn’t you? i asked her. liz was out of breath i had gotten her off i wasn’t done yet though i pulled out.” turn your ass over mami’ i ordered. she turned on her side i parked myself behind her lifted her leg up and stuck my cock back into that hairy muff. i grabbed those titties and started rammin dick in her from behind.

liz pushed her self back against me.”aye aye ooohhh si” she muttered”umphhhhh urmmphhh ughhh shit” i gasped as i barged in that pussy.i tightened my embrace on her before working myself into her from an angle.

“feel that mamacita?” i started thrusting up in her clockwise. “ohhhhh si ohhh chris”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!” i gradually began to increase the speed of my thrusts.

“uhhhhh papito no mas please ohh aye ayye papito si papi! “ she cried. the bed began to squeak softly as i pumped my dick into her. she turned her head to the side unable to take the pounding.” no mas sexo” she mumbled. i slowed down and liz ran her fingers across my backside and my ass

I pulled out and got back on top of her“mas mami?” i asked.

Before she answered i started deep stickin that hairy juicy cave of hers, balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips. her toes curling up everytime I pumped it inside her deep. “umpmmmmmm por favor papito!” she cried out. i kept rammin that pussy i felt myself cumming I don’t wanna stop fucking this lovely latina. i know i was getting her goods, seeing her moan feeling her pussy lips grip my cock was amazing. I grabbed her tits and started working my tongue around those big brown nipples.I was going to blow my load soon but i was going to make her feel every inch of my wrath.

“ohh shit liz” i grunted. “I’m comin home chica comin home to stay.” i felt a tingling sensation in my cock head and i buried my face in liz’s clevage. “ummphhh liz fuccccccckkk shit!”I gasped as i held onto her. I gripped her tightly as I erupted sending my hot warm cum spewing deep inside her pussy canal i held onto her emptying both nuts in her warm pussy.

I let out a extended muffled groan and lay there in between those huge tits of hers before i lifted my head to see Liz laying there breathing hard.

“whew good ass Mexican pussy” i exclaimed.” fucked the shit out of you didn’t I?”

“i don’t know papi” she muttered.”you tell me”

I rose up off her and wen i pulled out my dick had a stream of cum dangling from the tip. she reached inside of her pussy and scooped up a thick gob of cum onto her fingers

“you fucked me good with the dick,best dick ever!”she says licking it off her fingers

This is the first time ever fucking a Latina woman and man did it feel incredible! i never imagined we would end up in my apartment and me parked in between her thighs with my dick in her hairy Latin pussy.

“thank you so much Liz” I said as I lay there with a limp cock and a lovely Latina who I just fucked the living shit out of.”thanks for the ride home”


New year’s needs

by williacj

So I’m at a new year’s eve party at the Millennium Hotel and I run into a former college girl tall brunette Amanda. 


hey Amanda” I said giving her a hug”so surprised to see you here”

“Yeah, I usually don’t go out on NYE i decided to get out the house tonight.”she says

“So who are you here with?”

“I’m flyin’ solo tonight” she says”me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, it’s just not working out between us anymore.”

“well, if it makes you feel any better I’ve been single for the past 19 years. I don’t see myself settling down with one woman.”

So do you still write poetry?” she asked

“yes, I also write fiction regular fiction and erotic fiction”

“YOU write about sex?”she asked.

“yep I’ve been writing since I was 13. My foster mom found one of my stories and she told me not to write that stuff in her house again” I said laughing”but I kept writing because I love it.

“oh wow” Amanda said”interesting i thought you were all innocent”

“I’m no angel amanda” I said”I’ve had a few flings, trips to strip clubs, went to mardi gras three times so I’ve sowed some wild oats in my 36 years on this earth.”

”hey it was nice talking to you” she said, looking up from her phone” but my friend Tessa is here, I’m gonna go meet up with her.”

“okay thanks” I told her”I’ll see you around, enjoy the night.”

I headed to the lobby to see if I could spot any lonely ladies to strike up a conversation with. A hour later around 11:38 I’m sitting around people watching when someone taps me on the shoulder.

“hey dude” she says smling”so we meet again.”

“good seeing you again” I said.”are you havin’ a good time?”

“sorta” she said.”my friend Tessa ditched me so now I’m by myself tonight”

“you can hang out with me, I’m not the most handsome or interesting guy in here but I make do with what I got”

“you just look so innocent” she said.”I thought you were, reserved all morally you know”

“like i said earlier,I’ve done some things god wouldn’t approve of, but I’m no angel, I have my urges and needs.”

“dude can I ask you a question?” she asked”you’re a really nice guy, but I have no one to make out with,I was wondering if you wanted to kiss me at midnight?”

“oh we can do that!” I said”let me know when, it’s 11:45 right now”

“no strings attached okay?” she asked”you’re a really sweet innocent looking guy and I don’t wanna hurt your feelings and-

“no problem no strings I get it” I said

“are you getting excited about the new year?” she asked

“yeah” I replied”Im hanging out with a tall gorgeous woman in a lovely black dress.”

“okay everyone, countdown” a voice says”9…8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..happy new year!

The poppers and noisemakers started going off and the balloons began to fall. The band began to play Auld Lang Syne

”happy new year to a really sweet guy” she said wrapping her around my neck. She pressed her lips against mine and I grabbed her around the waist and held on to her tightly.

“so lovely lady how are you gettin’ home tonight?” 

“I’ll call a cab or a Uber” she says smiling”you wanna split a cab?”

“actually I rented a room for tonight” I said.”let me know when you leave.”

“I’m gonna have a drink or two before i go home hon, gimme your number”

I told her my number,she put it in her phone and we went our separate ways. after two drinks, i was done partying. I left the bar headed up to my room, went inside and sat down on the bed.

20 minutes later my cell phone rings

“hey it’s me”she says”can I come up?”

“yeah sure” I said”I’m in 602.”

“okay cool thanks. I’ll be up in just a few”

15 minutes later There was a knock on the door

“thank you for stopping up” I said opening the door”i appreciate the company”

she came over and sat down next to me on the bed.

”dude that kiss really made my night” she said 

“same here” I replied.”wasn’t expecting it”

I looked over at her,she reached over and touched my hand.

“you wanna fuck?”she asked.

Time stood still,I never saw this coming. I felt myself getting hard. We embraced each other and started kissing. I realized It was gonna be a really happy new year for BOTH of us. my only resolution was getting Amanda out that dress and those panties. my erection grew as our tongues met repeatedly. I reached down and squeezed her tits she responded by reaching her hand down and rubbing my crotch.

“too many clothes on” she says stepping back.she pressed her lips against mine I reach behind her and undo her bra greedily kissing her on her neck and caressing her tits. she keeps kissing me and I eventually reach underneath her dress and pull her panties down over her heels.

“we’re gonna fuck like our lives depended on it” she says kicking her heels off.

I’m sucking on her tits at the same time trying to get that dress off, eventually I unbutton my shirt and start undressing.10 minutes later our clothes lay on the floor in a pile.

“that’s enough foreplay park it, now!”she urged

I got on top of her and entered her slowly

”ohhhh yeah” she whispers clutching me tightly.I start thrusting inside of her she runs her fingers across my back.

”harder dude” she demanded. I held her legs up and started giving her the good stuff.“ohhh my goodness. ohhhhhh…mmmfffff”she moaned as I deep fucked her.

”fuck! where have you been all my life?” she grunted digging her nails into my backside. I just kept diving into her wet sticky abyss. I ran my tongue several times around her tits

”goddammit you’re deep up in that shit”she moaned”I’ve never gotten my gash probed like this before” 

I continued to power thrust my cock deep in her my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

”ohhhh… goddammm” she exclaimed.”fuck me,fuck my brains out, give me all of it!” 

”deep enough?” I asked fucking her pussy counterclockwise

“ummmm..fuck”she muttered through clenched teeth.”holy…holy..fuck…I can feel every inch of…dude..shit!”

I put her legs up on my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her ankles. I was not stopping, I looked down and my cock was covered in her creamy secretions.

“don’t stop dude keep fuckin me”she demanded”you’re not done yet!”

She was right about that, I planned to park overnight between those warm white thighs, I kept hammering away at her crack 

”omg..omigod” she gasped gripping the bed sheets.”dude you just made me cum for the third time in a row.”

”is that a good thing or a bad thing?” 

amanda leaned up and kissed me”stop asking questions and fuck me damn it” she said sternly

I buried my head between her cleavage and picked up where I left off.

my phone rang

”uh-uh it can wait!”she said as my phone rang.”keep screwin the daylights out of me.”

I did as i was told. I was parked between those thighs just barreling away in that twat,corkscrewing her pussy my ball sacks thumping against that slick labia of hers.

“ohhh shit” amanda moaned”uhmpfff fuck that fucking-”

her wish was my command, I deep dicked amanda’s pussy, our bodies slappin against each other, sweat dripping down my forehead

“bend over” I said. She turned over and parked that white tight ass in front of me. I pressed my cock against her pussy lips and she queefed.

“ahhhh-mandaaaa!” I groaned”damn your pussy’s tight”

she put her head down and grabbed a hold of the bedspread.“omigod dude” she moaned”omi-god right there you’re gonna make me cum you just keep meetin’ me right there dude don’t move that shit!”

I gripped her waist and shoved my hard cock in her tight twat”had enough?” I whispered

“ohhhhhh..umphhhhh” she muttered burying her face in the pillow. omigod you’re… holy fuck I didn’t know you were this-”

I lay there power dickin down Amanda’s crack her pussy lips squeezed my cock

“urgghhhh… fucker!” she exclaimed burying her face into the pillow pounding her fist on the bed.

“startin the year off right” I grunted smacking her on the ass. I grabbed a handful of her hair kissed her on the neck and started workin my cock deep in her from behind,her ass slapped against my legs.

amanda pushed that lovely ass back against me“omi-god take it home take that fuckin’ shit home!” she demanded.

“uhhh uhhh amanda ohhh yes godammnit” I exclaimed.”I’m gonna cum I can’t go any longer this is too much I’m comin’ I’m almost….happyyyyy new year!” I gripped her waist jerked forward and shot my hot sticky load deep in her tight pink pussy.

“awesome you creamed the fuck out of me” she said looking back at me laughing. She reached into her pussy and a glob of cum oozed out”oh my god that was insane dude you fucked my brains out,I came three times.”

“my new year’s pleasure” she said licking it off her fingers”you gotta fuck me next new year’s eve too”

“well I got your number, when you’re not busy, text me.”

we took a shower and lay on the bed next to each other afterwards. I dry humped her and fingered her under the covers as we were watching TV. the next morning I fucked her again before she went home.

1 AM craving

by Williacj

My co worker Kara was having a bad day at work,I tried cheering her up by giving her a rose and a warm hug,This brought tears to her eyes. I came behind the bar and took care of her bus tubs.

When she came back to the dish room She tried to tip me out but I refused. I told her a kiss on the cheek would be enough. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled left the dish room and looked around. a minutes later she turned off the lights in the dish room walked up to me and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my lips against hers. I held her and kissed her for 2 minutes. She invited me over to her place after work. 

I go home shower and put on new clothes. At 1:30 in the morning Kara calls. I grabbed my keys and took the bus to her house and when i got there she was standing by her front door waiting for me ”hi honey” she said giving me a long hug”thank you for coming over,this is my uncle Ulysses”

my niece has told me good things about you, son” he says”you’re a good man”

I try” i told him as I shook his hand”it seems men today have adopted a bad boy culture and I took the other road and love every mile of it!”

Kara peeked in the living room and motioned me to come to her. she took me by the hand led me upstairs to her bedroom and closed the door. “now where were we baby?” she asks.she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine she grabs me and we continue kissing. I grabbed her hand and led her over to her bed. I reached around and grabbed her ass Kara responded by running her fingers across my bald head several times i kissed her on the neck and ears then made my way down to her bellybutton.

ooohh sweetie!”kara uttered. She reached down and squeezed my crotch”take it out baby I want it now”

I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. I unhooked her bra strap and she pulled her shirt over her head. I tossed her bra aside and started working my tongue around her nipples. “my goodness babe that feels-” she uttered as she closed her eyes“oooh yes baby cakes!”


damn it Kara you’re a fine ass woman you know that?” I said as i unbuttoned her beige shorts.

panties down panties down” I whispered pulling her shorts down and throwing them on the bedroom floor. i grabbed her panties and slid them off over her flip flops and tossed them aside.

take it all off for me baby!” she demanded. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my jean shorts off and threw them on the floor next to her clothes. I took off my briefs and she reached over and grabbed a hold of my cock i grabbed her and pulled her closer to me.she takes my dick and starts stroking it. Kara wraps her soft wet lips around my cock head and began giving me a slow blowjob.

karrrrr-aaaa!” I whispered as she worked her soft lips all over my brown hard cock

how does it feel having your dick in my mouth?” she asked. No comment I thought to myself. She KNEW how it felt to me,euphoric.Washed Out’s “feel it all around” began playing on her I pod touch. This was the perfect soundtrack for this moment. After she turned up the volume she pressed her soft pink lips against mine and wrapped her long legs around my waist i positioned myself on top of her.

fill me with it baby” she urged.

I reached down and entered her pussy on an angle and began thrusting slowly into her. I looked behind me and every time i would drive myself into her She would wiggle her toes. She was getting every inch of me,I kept thrusting, kissing her on the neck and sucking on her nipples.

she dug her nails into my backside slightly, she wrapped her sexy legs around my waist as i burrowed deeper into her shaved pussy.”uhhhh baby” she whimpered. I put my head against the pillow planted my hands by her side and continued barreling away inside her.

“urghhh….urgghhh kara!” I grunted kissing her on the ears and nibbled gently on her perky pink nipples still pumpin my cock into her slowly.I began fucking her harder, the headboard began to bang slightly against the wall. Kara knew i was worried about the headboard noise, but she had my long dick inside her filling her tight hole, she wouldn’t care if the headboard went through the wall!

yes baby love baby don’t stop please keep going” she whispered running her fingernails across my back

Kara??!!” her uncle yelled.

she pressed her lips against mine and wrapped her arms tightly around me.“uh-uh” she whispered”he can wait!”

I put her long legs on my shoulders wrapped my arms around her ankles and started ramming away at her”uh..uh uhnnnnnh…baby!” she gasped.

harder kara….harder?” i whispered

yes baby please” she gasped”oh baby baby right there don’t stop please right there fuck me baby”

Her wish would be granted. I sucked on her nipples and just kept deep diving in her wet pussy. “bend over” i whispered as I pulled out of her pussy. She turned around and got on all fours. I kissed her on her neck and ears then gripped her waist and slowly inserted myself in her.

yessss baby please it’s-” she moaned”yes fuck me baby oh yes baby yes ooh my goodness!”I continued thrusting away at that lovely shaved crease of hers, my legs slapping loudly against Kara’s tight white ass.““omi god honey”she gasped”all of it give it to me!”don’t stop baby, keep going right there yes ohh my goodness baby…baby please please ummm…mmm shit yes!”

I grabbed her and pushed myself into her bringing myself into her relentlessly. I smacked her on the ass as I fucked her doggy style I felt her pussy lips tighten on my cock and she reached over grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it. she gripped the bed sheets and let out a series of intense muffled moans.

“Kara are you alright?” her uncle yelled to her

“I’m good!” she shouted at him.

she rose up off the bed and turned around.”you just fucked the shit out of me baby!” she whispered as she pressed her soft lips against mine.she wrapped her arms around my neck and we embraced each other. she wrapped her legs around me.

i loved every bit of you inside me, thank you!”she says as she wrapped her legs around me holding onto me tightly.

As I lay there with Kara’s nails softly massaging my shoulders I hoped there would be another moment like this in the future. But for now, I just want to lay here in between this woman’s warm thighs and listen to the music on her I pod touch.

Blonde voyage

by Williacj

I was invited to my casual partner Tanya’s house in Brookfield,WI.


She looked great for a 42 year old woman she’s got long blonde hair a nice set of tits pretty smile and a big fat white ass. I loved seeing her as she walked around in her hot pink bikini. after a few beers and some food I fucked her in her upstairs bedroom. While I was stuffin her fat pussy she asked me if I wanted to have a threesome, I said no problem.

She pulled out her phone and texted someone.”my friend’s gonna be here to join us in a few” she says. 15 minutes later this young tall blonde comes into the room she comes over to me and smiles at me.”I’m Tanya’s daughter, trixie” she says. she’s got on a pink tank top white short shorts and pink flip flops, good lookin chick just like her mom!


“I bet you weren’t expecting this huh?” Tanya whispers.

Trixie comes over presses her lips against mine I reached down and gave her a swift pat on the butt.”do you want me to take this off?” she asked. Before I could respond she wrapped her arms around my neck and started tonguing me. I picked her up off her feet carried her over to a chair nearby. Trixie took her clothes off and when she took her panties off she slowly pulled them down and kicked them under her mom’s bed.

“let’s do it on the chair” she suggested. Tonya motioned me to her”i’ll get out of the way, you can fuck her right here hon” she says getting off the bed. trixie and I climbed up on the bed as Tayna put her clothes back on”I’ll leave you two alone” she says”trust me hon she’s just as horny as her mom!”

Tanya put on her sandals and closed the door to the bedroom. I got on top of trixie and inserted myself into her pussy she wrapped her legs around my waist”gonna get all the way up in this trix” I whispered into her ear. I pinned her to the bed got her legs up in the air getting that twat examined thoroughly she ran her fingers across my back”uhhhhh yes yes please more more” trixie gasped as I fucked her.”I hope your dad doesn’t show up” I say to her trixie just lays there getting her compartment invaded by my hard dick.

Suddenly the door opens to Tanya’s bedroom and her husband walks in. I was laying there with trixie gripping my backside taking every inch I had inside her I didn’t even turn to look at him the sex was so incredible I kept working up a sweat in Tanya’s daughter’s gap. He turned beet red”what the fuck is this?” he said angrily”and what the fuck are you doing with my daughter, get off her now!”

as I pulled out of her trixie looked over at him”dad you’re just jealous because you can’t fuck me yourself” she said, this made him even angrier.

Tayna came upstairs heard the commotion and walked into her room”hey honey listen” she said to him”you know she has needs as well as I do. He’s been having me for the past 2 weeks while you were on business trips, I asked him and trixie if we could do it together.”

“I don’t believe this” he says”you fuck a black man while I’m out hard at work and then you let him fuck our daughter?” Tanya put her hands on her lips”Robbie listen let’s get one fucking thing straight there is no prenup in our marriage, I can take Creston our daughter and we can all move out of here by next week Sunday is that what you want?”

Her husband threw a nearby chair across the room” I don’t believe this shit” he says looking at me”and you, I should call the police right now!”

Tayna walked up to him”the Milwaukee police department can’t do anything to him, she’s 18” she says”creston you’re under arrest for having sex with an 18 year old woman, not happening!”

her husband shook his head”you know what? I’m goin to Slippery’s to have a few shots of whiskey and some beers and when I come back you three better not be here, our marriage is over!”

he turned and slammed the door behind him, knocking a wedding picture off the wall. Tayna looked over at me”well, you know what that means?” she asked. Trixie reached over and grabbed my crotch”we can have a threesome every night of the week” she says happily.”your birthday’s in a few weeks mom, looks like you’ve got an early present”

tayna smiled”I think this is OUR present sweetie” she says taking my cock into her hands”unwrapped gifts are my favorite!”

Tanya ordered me to lay down on the bed, trixie got on top of me guided my cock into her and began to ride on my stiff erect pole. Robbie lost a wife but I gained two blonde fuck buddies! 


Office poli..chick?

by williacj

The door to my office swung open as I was having sex with redheaded Kelly O’Donnell of MSNBC behind my desk

“oh I’m so sorry”i told Mrs.Plocburg”I can explain everything,I’ve been wanting to have sex with Kelly ever since she started working here but I couldn’t do it then because she was married, she recently got divorced and now it’s my chance. Please don’t fire me,i really need this job, but I’ve never had sex with a redhead MILF like her.”

“you poor thing” she says looking over at me”you mean to tell me a handsome guy like you hasn’t gotten a piece of ass in a while? you’re attractive i don’t see how any woman wouldn’t go out on a date with you.”

“Josie, wouldn’t you fuck him?” Kelly asked her

“if I wasn’t married yes I would” she says”well, just finish up there’s a meeting for the council board at 3 today, we have to decide how we’re going to proceed with additions to our production line .”

“thank you so much Mrs. Plocburg” i said as she closed the door to my office.

“oh my goodness” Kelly whispers”we got busted on the job”

“I’m so embarrassed Kellie O”

“well we’re already both naked and sweaty we might as well finish the dirty deed right?”she asked

“sex is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it, right?”

“yes it is hon” she says smiling.”now shut up and finish fucking me!”

Mutual Fatigue

by williacj

I went to the CBS 58 studios one day and I was waiting for the elevator when I spotted sexy redheaded anchor Jessica Tighe. The door opened and we both got on. i was standing behind her when it suddenly came to a halt she stumbled backwards and I grabbed her to keep her from falling.


“oh my goodness.. what was that?” she asked

just my wallet”

“no-no that’s more than a wallet you’ve got down there” she says

“no it’s my wallet and my smartphone“ I promised.

“c’mon dude you’ve got a hard on,you don’t have to lie about it.” she says putting her hands on her hips.

“we’re gonna be in this elevator for quite some time” I I said trying to change the subject”help might arrive sooner than later”

well you can help me until then”she says. she reached over unbuckled my belt and reached into my shorts.

“oh boy” she exclaimed looking down at my equipment”you’re well established nice sized piece of equipment you’ve got there”

we exchanged sexual innuendos for a few minutes then Jessica unbuckled my belt. i felt a pair of wet lips on my cock. I looked down to see this lovely babe sucking my dick! bllllpttt pllllppptt bpppt! she slobbered all over it working it in her mouth lapping at the cock head with her wet tongue.”we have breaking news,there’s a brown dick in my mouth and I’m loving every inch of it”she says.

It felt majestic to have her wet red lips clamped on my dick she was slurping away spit shining my tool I looked down and saw lipstick marks on my cock head.“Jesus Ms. Tighe” I growled.”I usually don’t get lip service like this, I never expected-”

to have your dick in my mouth” she interrupted”surprise surprise hey?” her lips were damn near fastened around my cock head I would need pliers to get them off”mmpfff….bllptttt”she muttered,spitting and slobbering all over my hard cock.

your lips feel incredible” I groaned

that’s not all” she said looking up at me”don’t forget my other set of lips”

she stood up.”zip up, private office 6th floor” she whispered wiping her lips.

We got off the elevator and walked to a stairwell we got to the six floor then headed down a dimly lit hallway.“we’re really not supposed to be in here” she says”but you’re with me so you’re good.”

soon as she opened the door to the office I closed it immediately.

“I gotta get you out these”’ i whispered

“oh be my guest” she says chuckling”i have no problem with that!” I reached underneath Jessica’s dress and pulled her panties down and she kicked them aside.

she raised up her dress a bit. I parked my cock in between those warm pink pussy lips.”oohhhh that’s it hon”she exclaimed”ooh my goodness right there, oh yes oh yes”

i grabbed her waist and began fucking her from behind. I bent her over the desk in the office and slid my brown polish inside of her.”ooooh’she murmured she was tight i wanted to ease my pole into her i pulled my jeans down further and took a hold of her waist and started driving it into her from behind.

“right there baby”i grunted”ughhh Jessica I’m all up in that pussy now” i took hold of her waist and pulled her back against my firm stiff and began plunging into her jessica put head flopped forward and she pounded on the desk.

oh my gosh, shit” she stammered”damn it you -“

this dick was getting the best of her i cupped her tits and raged on.i began to pick up speed as i pulled her back against my hard cock. blop blop blop went that lovely ass against my legs i leaned back and watched that bubble bottom of hers carom off my legs as i fucked her.

“mmm fuck give it to me” she pleaded. she had an appetite for sex i spun her around and pressed my lips against hers. i lifted her five foot six frame up off the floor onto the desk and put her sexy legs on my shoulders and plunged myself back inside of her.

uhhhh tighe” i grunted wrapping my arms around her legs”oh wow I never had a guy do this to me before” she says as I corkscrewed her pussy.

she looked at me and squirmed. “ooohhh ohhh yes”she pleaded”omigod fucking a I’m gettin..gettin-” her pussy lips tightened on my cock and she lay back on the desk fingering herself.”oh dear”she exclaimed her hair was messed up she fluffed her hair and looked into my eyes as if to tell me to keep fucking her.

I picked her up off the desk and began hoisting her up and down on my stiffness. “uhhhhh uhhhhhh oohhhhh oooff fuck!” jessica moaned I squeezed Jessica’s warm buns i was crammed up in her pussy probing the living shit out of her. she looked into my eyes with a “what the fuck?”look on her face, and who could blame her i was plunging furiously in her narrow twat

yes honey please” she pleaded.”don’t stop please oh my god that feels incredible.”i laid her down on a nearby plus leather chair in the corner of the office and put her sexy legs up on my shoulders and began ramming away in her pussy.

“jessica fatigue!” i grunted as i inched myself slowly into her warm flesh she ran her fingers across my shoulders then when i stuck that pussy deep she raked my backside with her painted fingernails”rock bottom “i whispered “aint no stoppin me” my nuts slapped against her pussy lips.

ummmmmm ummmm”she mutttered”ohh god ohhhh god I’m cumming” she gasped

“damn it woman” i whispered as i inched my dick in that slick twat of hers”I’m tuning in to that 58 pussy jess aint’ pullin out till i nut!” i began to feel a tingling sensation in my cock head my heartbeat is racing I’m about to bust off my load on this fine ass reporter.

“ohhh shit jessica fucking a” I grunted I leaned forward and spewed my thick jizz all over her face and hair. she grabbed my cock and began sucking me off working her soft fingers around my staff emptying every last drop of goo left in my tank.

“you got all of it on tape didn’t you?” i grunted

jessica smiled, her lips smothered in creamy goo”nope” she replied”didn’t bring my camera or producer with me”

“you made my day darlin’ anyway. you were amazing” I exclaimed.”suckin my dick on the elevator then I fuck you in this office I’m speechless!”

she smiled at me and licked her cum splattered lips.”breaking news stories aren’t always filmed live on camera” she says. My dick and ball sacks would certainty agree with that!

Thanks for giving

by Williacj

It’s the day before thanksgiving I go to Home shopping network looking for a deal the day. You never know what you’ll find on sale on home shopping network, from clothes to shoes to hand held drones. I found sexy tall blonde Lori Leland sitting on a couch in a lovely long red dress and open toed heels.


”happy thanksgiving eve” I say to her”looks like you’ve got a lot of giving to do”

”oh I do hon, I have a lot to be thankful for this year”she said walking over to me,

“of course you have a hubby and a child.” i began

“I’m thankful for men like you” she says

“I’m just a poor black guy with no girlfriend wife or kids” I told her

“no you being here is a gift in itself” she says

I looked at the remote controlled drones she had in front of her”hey these drones you have here?” I exclaimed

Lori frowned”they’re not on sale and they’re not important right now but what is important that I thank you for giving me an opportunity to do this”

suddenly she grabbed me and started kissing me.

”but lori” I said backing away”what about the show?your viewers are-”

Lori wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips against mine. I guess whatever this lovely wants she gets so I reached down and grabbed her butt.

“Mrs. Leland?”her producer snapped.”gotta move those drones, we’re short on time!”

She stopped kissing me I helped unzip her dress then she stepped out of it and tossed it on the couch. “you know what?let’s talk about these remote controlled drones they’re equipped with cameras so you can zoom in on all the action.”

she put one drone in hover mode and then unzipped my pants.”you can record up to 2 hours of video with this thing” she said”and its high definition video capture too so you can get every detail of any recorded video”

She pulled my briefs down reached over and started working those luscious pink lips around my dickhead.

”Lori”i gasped”i think we need to -”

“the drone is in hover mode and it’ll stay that way until it runs out of power” she said as she sucked me off. She slurped and spit all over my stiff brown pole for 3 straight minutes.

“the drone’s camera can also capture live action video”she says she lay on the couch and programmed the drone to hover in front of the couch. I got on top of her and inserted myself into her.”while he’s in my pussy notice how the drone hovers above us, it follows our every move trying to get a close up view of that brown fat bratwurst going in and out of me”

I pinned her to the couch sticking that pink pussy”Lorraine Leland” I gasped”ohh shit it must be thanksgiving already,what else do you have on sale today?”

“I really don’t care” she replies”I’ve never been fucked like this before, never been fucked like this before…ohhh yes ohhh my gosh shit you’re huge”

“honey” a voice yelled.’are you there?”

I heard footsteps and a man walked on the set to find me parked on top of Lori just stuffing that lovely wet pussy with hard cock

I looked over at him. he looked at me and I just kept fucking her, I leaned down and kissed her.

Lori dug her nails into my backside and even squeezed my butt cheeks as I deep dicked her down on that couch.

“So this is what I get for being your husband?”he asked her”I am beyond angry right now.”

he reached over took the drone’s remote control and threw it against the wall

“record that!” he said storming off the set, kicking a nearby camera as he left.

She just lay there moaning softly as I plowed into her. I was fucking her good,my balls banging against her pussy lips as she whimpered softly .I never expected this to happen either. I sucked Lori’s pretty toes still banging away at that shaved pussy of hers.

I fucked her for a good 45 minutes before I pulled out and Lori got up off the couch. “oh yeah” she said”gonna jerk this pole off till it goes”she gripped my cock firmly and began stroking it rapidly”ooh look at that dick yes sweetie give give give”

her wish was my command, I felt myself getting weak and I jerked forward and Lori leaned up and my cock erupted spew hot cum all over her face and tits.

”urghhhh Lori fuck” I grunted I came so hard I almost lost my balance.

“holy shit Lori, guess it’s better to give than receive right?” I asked her

“I like to give” she said licking her cum smothered lips”but I also love to receive.”

I looked down at her as she still held my limp cock in her hand.

“gobble gobble” Lori says taking a thick glob of cum and licking it off her fingertips.


Hog Heaven

by Williacj

I stopped at a Harley Davidson rally in the colder’s parking lot and I spotted tall sexy brunette molly fay of the morning blend.


Good golly miss molly! I say to myself, she’s wearing this Harley Davidson softball t shirt that barely holds her big ass tits. I try not to stare or to notice, but damn those tits are huge, it’s like they’re looking back at me.

I try to get my mind off molly and go over to the motorcycles on display. I sit on a jet black Harley and I look up as molly’s talking to someone. she makes eye contact with me and smiles. 10 minutes later she makes her way over to me.

“wow a brand new hog” she says smiling”I’ve never ridden a black Harley before.”

“damn woman you look-” I began

”I saw you checkin me out earlier dude” she says chuckling”say no more.”

I reached over and kissed her on the hand.

She smiled.”you wanna go inside and sit down?” she asks. I nod and off we go into the Harley dealership. We walk past the motorcycle maintenance center and head into a room with a plush black couch with a Harley logo on it..

“I’m not a big Harley rider but I like the brand though.”I told her as I sat down.

“I’ve ridden on a Harley a few times” she replied.

”love ridin’ the hog huh?”

“I do” she says”among other things”

I reached over and grabbed her hand. She looks over at me. She leans over and I put my hand on her thigh and she responds by wrapping her arms around my neck and I grab a hold of her and we start kissing passionately.

I grab her tits and molly pulls that t shirt over her head and breaks out the twins! Spon afterwards I’ve got my hands on two of the biggest tits I’ve ever seen, I need 6 fingers on each hand to hold onto these damn things.”oh so you’re a tit man” she says laughing.”nothin wrong with that!” I bury my face between this lovely milf’s tits and nibble and lick her pink nipples. ”get out those jeans” I demanded reaching my hand down to finger her crotch. Molly unbuttons her jeans pulls them down and kicks them aside. I take my shirt and my shorts off as well”god you look good with clothes on and off” I say to her”never had morning blend pussy before”

Molly fingered her pussy”first time is the best time” she says. she gets on top of me takes my cock and guides it into her wet pink crack.

This is not happening I thought to myself as I sat on the couch with her on top of me riding me cowgirl style, molly shoved those huge tits in my face damn near knocked me out cold! This MILF is blessed with bosom I sucked her nipples and squeezed that lovely tight white ass of hers. she threw her head back began to grind on my hard cock. I played “Bad to the bone” by George Thorogood on my smartphone.

“oh hell yeah, oh my god that dick feels incredible,I’m gettin’ bad on your bone” she says running her fingers through her long black hair.someone heard the music playing and a hog owner walked past the lounge”you lucky son of a gun” he says giving me a thumbs up.”this is all her fault!” I yell at him. ”oh no you don’t” she says laughing”if my pussy’s goin down your dick’s comin’ with me!”

After awhile of being ridden I get on top of sexy ass molly and start burrowing up in that warm crack,I’m on top of her parked between her thighs, her long legs up in the air pinned to the couch just getting that tight 40 something pussy stuffed with big brown dick.”never have I ever..umpfff” she gasps”you fuck me goddammit!” I’m just layin beef stick to molly’s gash, she wraps her legs around my waist. Molly dug her nails into my backside and I start to fuck her harder my balls just a thumpin against her pussy lips”hog heaven” she gasps looking into my eyes”you hog my pussy until I can’t stand up straight.”I pull out and there’s white cream on the tip.

”you made me cum you big black dick bastard” she said.

“you asked and you shall receive” I replied. I squeezed her tight ass and got her on all fours. the camera zooms in on my stiff dick going deep in her pussy. her pussy queefs.”uhhhh fuck!”she gasps”i didn’t know brats could get so big damn you Johnsonville!” I kiss her on the neck and started bangin’ away at that gap doggy style. She’s got her head down and those big tits swingin back and forth I grabbed a hold of her waist and got to humpin’ on her from behind. “ohhh… fuck yes oooof fuck me” she pleaded.

”fuck molly!” I exclaim”I love fuckin older women” she looked back at me ”it’s not closing time yet I’ll have another round!”she says as I’m taking her to task, I look down and that ass is slappin against my legs I grip her firmly and pound away in her shaven highway before pulling out and splattering her big tits with hot cum.

”I’m not a real Harley” I say to her”but I let it roll on the highway,you gave me a good ride” molly looks up at me as she rubs cum all over her big tits”my hair’s messed up I’m out of breath and won’t be able to walk straight for a few hours, thank you hon”she says.