Finally after several weeks she agreed to meet me out for drinks one day, I went to the nomad and there sat Katie Knockers. tall chubby, long brown hair,wide ass big boob katie.

I sat down and gave her a hug. bartender comes over and I order us two bottles of rolling rock,

“I was kinda hesitant  to hang out with you because I thought you wanted more than just a friendship.” she said

“I did want to date you at one point” I told her”but I realized you were not interested in me relationship wise.”

“I get that a lot, Katie” i said”I have binders of women who don’t want to date me.”

“well this helps out a little, right?”

“I wouldn’t say it helps, it’s nice to hang out after work with a good looking woman” I told her

“uhhhh..uhhhhhh ohhhh chris!” katie moaned as I slammed my hard pole deep in her plump pussy

“katie…god damn it you feel so good!” i exclaimed

“ooh ooh oh fuck me fuck me” she pleaded

I got to layin down the law up in that woman’s warm gash

my balls were thumpin against her pussy lips her pretty toes curled up as I dicked her down.

“ohhhh yes” she moaned”omigod i’m gonna cum all over your dick!”

I was parked between katie’s warm thick thighs taggin that plump pussy

“uhhhhmmphhh gimme that pussy kathleen!” i groaned

“when a guy’s fuckin me and he calls me kathleen I know he’s hittin the jackpot on my little slot machine.”

I looked down at the barcode tattoo above her pussy

“you want me to scan that barcode?”

“I want you to scan my pussy” she said looking up at me.

I lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders and began thrusting away in her pussy

“ohhhhh umphhhhhh ohhhh my fuck…fuck yes” she begged

“damn it katie! i’m fucking you senseless, what took you so long?”

“I knew you wanted more than just friendship” she said

“well, now you know what I really want from you” i told her”and it feels incredible!”

Katie turned over and got on all fours, this was the moment of truth, Katie knockers was on her hands and knees in front of me.

I took my cock and pressed the tip against her fat pussy lips and slid in slowly

“Kathhhhhhhh…leen” I whispered”wow”

I grabbed a firm hold of her waist and began doinkin away at her from behind

“ohhh shit Katie kaboom” i gasped

she started laughing.

“knockers now kaboom” she giggled”omi god christopher you’re a riot!”


red alert

by William Scape

A big red chewing gum commercial where I just finished winning a gran turismo 3 race and i’m at the finish line and they hand me the trophy.

long dark haired Becki comes up to me in a red and white Toyota racing uniform open toed high heels and she grabs me and starts kissing me.

“say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer” the commercial goes, someone tries to get her attention she pushes them away and i wrap my arms around her waist and we keep kissing.

everyone eventually goes home and we’re still kissing. eventually I reach down and pat her on the butt she stops kissing me

“did you just grab my butt?” she asks

“don’t..don’t do that ever again” she says sternly.

I pick her up off her feet and start kissing her all over her neck her ears .

becki starts moaning softly and she takes off her racing suit and bends over in front of a race car nearby

I grab a hold of her waist and slide deep into her and start workin it in her as she holds on to the car

“ohhh christopher” she gasps i grab a handful of her long dark hair and start doinking her from behind her tight white ass slaps against my legs

“omi-god please yes ” she gasps

i eventually put her legs up on my shoulders and start pounding off in her against the race car!

“hey hey” a voice yells”nobody’s supposed to be in here,this is F1 Motorsports property, restricted to the public!”

I pull out of her and we grab our clothes and take off running

“who the hell was that? i ask”i thought we were alone”


Thriller at the griller

by william scape

I daydreamed about being at mason street grill. me and Amanda offers were kissing in the dry storage room and 10 minutes later I got her out of her panties and fucked her underneath a table in the bar room.

while I was screwin her underneath the table my phone rang and I reached up on the table to grab it. amanda grabs my hand and takes my phone from my hand.

“he’s kinda busy can you call him back later?’ then she hangs up

“now where were we?” she asks grabbing me and kissing me

the camera zooms in on the table shaking and she’s moaning loudly

“is somebody in here?” a voice asks

“someone’s having sex underneath that table” another person says”we’ll wait until they’re done

I hear the door to the bar room close and Amanda wraps her long legs around my waist

“fuck me” she demands

the table begins to shake back and forth and no one bothered us, we never got caught!

Night court

by william scape

last night i daydreamed about having sex with Gracie from according to Jim and I listened to “breezin” and “give me the night” by George Benson. I imagined her striking poses and taking off her clothes on the living room of the tv show set. later i had sex with her on the couch she was moaning loudly and her co star ruby walked in on us while “give me the night” was playing. ruby starts grinding on me and Gracie got jealous”you already have a boyfriend!” she exclaims stepping in between us.”this one’s mine”  I pick Gracie up and start lifting her up and down standing up.

there’s a knock on the door.

“this is the AISWM group” someone yells”we know you’re in here with an underage girl, come out or we will break this door down!”

ruby turns up the volume on the music and I keep bouncing Gracie up and down. then I hear footsteps.

“we’re comin’ in, you will be arrested!” a voice yells through a bullhorn. ruby grabs her book bag and we go running into the kitchen there’s a hidden door behind the refrigerator we open it and it leads to an underground tunnel.

we hear the door burst open and several voices yelling”freeze you’re under arrest”

photo finish

by William scape

(c) 2017

Daydreaming about a gran turismo 5 15 lap race against chuck super day, super day is the gt 5 world champion the past 5 years. no one can beat super day, no one.

he was heavily favored but I was able to beat him by a hair of  a second. I go to the finish line and there’s cheering and fans yelling my name, the gt 5 president gives me the championship cup and kara this tall brunette in an STP racing uniform and high heels comes up to me”congratulations baby” she says and grabs me and kisses me.

“hey Mr. scape, how does it feel to beat a 5 time world champion?” a reporter asks. Kara is still kissing me reaches over and pushes the reporters microphone away.

eventually, every one left the victory lane ceremony, Kara’s still kissing me, I eventually picked her up and carried her to a nearby garage I got her out of her racing gear and had sex with her in the back of the STP race car, and on the hood of the car a mechanic walked by us as we were going for it and didn’t say anything, he just let us do it.


Lake Effexxx

Lake effexxx

by William scape

(c) 2017

One weekend I was invited to a huge on the lake pool party in upper Wisconsin with my friends. When I got there we went out on a boat and drank a 30 pack of genuine draft then headed back to the lake view cottage.
When I got there I saw my friend Gabby and she ran up to me and gave me a hug. One of Gabby’s friends dared me to kiss her on the cheek and so I did. I left and went into a nearby room and gabby followed me.

“dude come here” she said. When I turned toward her she smiled and asked me if I wanted to make out, then gabby put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine.

“gimme some tongue dude” she demanded,we made out for 5 minutes I squeezed her ass and tried to pick her up.

Her blonde friend Alexis came into the room and saw us making out.

“what y’all doin?” she asked.

“he’s just showin’ me some love” gabby says wiping her mouth. lexi licked her lips

“you gonna show me some love too, Chris?” she asked.

“dude go for that shit” gabby said

I role played a scene where she wants to kiss me but I have to go to work in a few minutes, lexis starts laughing

“i wanna make shit up as we go along” she says.

I stood there and lexi gave me a hug

“you do know i have to work today” I said as I made my way toward the door

“you’re not gonna be late for work” she said kicking the door shut.

“i gotta get to work lexi” i said”i gotta go to work I got a-”

lexi leans up puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. i wrap my arms around her waist and pick her up off her hand brushes her backside.

“feelin on my ass” she says laughing she strikes a pose for me”you know you wanna” i grab her and we start kissing again, lexi starts walking backwards toward the bathroom still making out with me.

We get to the bathroom and I spin her around and start grinding on her.

“wow” she says”I’m shocked” I’ve got my hands on her hips just humpin away on lexi, she starts pushing her butt back against my crotch.

“ohh shit” she gasped”fuckin me through my clothes” she backed away from me.

“pull your shorts down” she says she pulls her bikini bottom down and steps out of it

“now hump me” she demanded.

I start humpin on her again and let me tell you, I nearly came.

“stop and go method lexis” i said”i don’t wanna cum just yet” then her other blonde friend Kim walked into the room.

”whoa”she says”am I interrupting something?”

lexi smiled”you wanna try?”Kimberly grinned.

”carry on” she says as she left Kimberly gave me a hi-five”you lucky bastard!” she whispers to me as she left the bathroom.

I kept a rammin away at lexi from behind. Oh the feeling of my dick against lexi’s butt cheeks was intense, I felt my load coming. If it wasn’t for the stop and go method I’d made a big white mess all over her ass, I just closed my eyes and tried not to look down at my legs slapping against her ass cheeks.

”sexy lexi,sexy ass lexi” I gasped still grinding hard on her she put her head down.

”I’m wet”she said”that shit feels good between my ass cheeks”

“Do you want me to go faster, lexi?”I asked.

”uh-uh”she said”you can’t cum yet, you better not cum yet”

Even though I wasn’t actually penetrating her I was pleasuring her by just humping on her from behind.

”squeeze my tits” she demanded, I nibbled on her ears and neck while grinding against her. lexi pushed her ass back against my cock.

”stay still”she said”don’t move, I wanna be in control” she started pushin backwards

”are you satisfied?” I asked her”dude my pussy juices are dripping down my thighs, you’re fuckin me without really fucking me.” she said,we both laughed.

Then her ass began to slap loudly against my legs.

”urghhhh lexi sexy lexeeeee” I exclaimed lexi just kept a pushin her cushion against my dick.

”too much ass for you huh?” she asks”my butt does that to guys”
It wasn’t even actual penetration, but it felt better even without being up in her. my heart was damn near beating out of my chest, it was only a matter of time, she kept pushin back against my dick wigglin her ass back and forth against my dick I looked down at my dick and all I could see was lexi’s ass, then lexi pushed her ass against my cock to the point where it was parked between her butt cheeks.

”hot dog in a bun”I gasped,this blonde babe’s ass was squeezing my dick! She wiggled her ass against my dick again and again.

I looked down and saw a thick stream of pre-cum oozing from my dick every time lexi wiggled that ass against my stiff brown dick. No more mister nice guy, I thought. I reached down took my cock and slid it deep into lexi’s pussy.

”uhhhh lexus” I said lexi put her head down and I grabbed a hold of her waist and start stickin it to her.

”ohhhhh” she moaned, I kissed her on the neck.

”it aint over till the lexi lady sings” she pushed her bottom against my dick”uhhh…uhhhhhhuhhhh” she gasped shaking her head I just started layin pipe to lexi doggy style,donkdonkdonkdonk went her ass against my legs.

”lexeeee” I exclaimed I grabbed her waist and kept humpin away on her from behind.

”urghhhhhh” I exclaimed”umpgggg”

“um hmmm, that’s it..fuck me motherfucker!” she said”grab my ponytail and fuck that pussy till I can’t stand up straight”

I just kept humpin lexi, my cock parked in her sticky pussy lexi’s pussy lips tightened around my cock as I fucked her from behind.

”I’m gonna blow lexi…I’m gonna blow really soon” I told her.

”keep fuckin me” she demanded”give me that big ass dick”

her ass just badonkdabonkbadonk against my legs.

”darn you lexi,your ass, I’m gonna-” I just lost it, I pulled out and spurted my thick load all over her ass cheeks.

”hurrrg….gggrrhhhhhhh” I exclaimed bobbing my head up and down with every spurt of cum.

”I bet you emptied both of your balls in between my ass” she says”that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a guy come so hard”

I looked down at lexi’s ass cum dripped from her ass onto the bathroom floor

”you came twice on my ass”she says smiling”pre cum AND cum” I stood there heart still beating rapidly.

”oh wow” I said as I pat her on the butt”first time I fucked a blonde without being inside of her” I gave her a Kleenex and she wiped the cum off her ass cheeks

”damn its on the floor too” she says”been savin that up for awhile I bet”

I kissed lexi on the cheek

”I’ve wanted to fuck you for awhile, you made me a happy man” I told her.I never imagined I’d have my cock in between alexis’ butt cheeks and then in her pussy at this party, I looked down at my cock, I bet it was happy too, not many dicks can survive being clamped by the soft ass cheeks of alexus for that long.

“did you have fun?” she asked.

”yeah” I said

lexi smiled”you fucked the shit out me,I’m still wet, I can’t even walk straight after this” we put our clothes back on and when we opened the door to the bathroom Gabby and her friends Jenna and Trixie were standing outside the door

”you just got fucked didn’t you?” Gabby asked lexi. Lexi shrugged her shoulders

”ask him” she said pointing to me. I saw lexi and Jenna were talking and Jenna’s eyes widened

”he did what?” she asked her I just went outside to a patio chair overlooking the lake, I never expected to have this much fun with so many attractive ladies around me, I plan on coming here next summer, maybe I’ll have another story to tell.

Closing Argument

Closing Arguments

By William Scape

© 2017

I overheard this couple having a little argument across the way from my apartment they weren’t incredibly loud, but It was enough to get curious. They had their curtains open I looked in the window and noticed it was my neighbor Mirian. she’s dating this guy named prust but I still I wanted to nail her, miri’s got a wide ass that wiggles and jiggles when she walks.I wanted to tell her how I felt but the timing was always off. I kissed her on the hand twice and she patted me on the butt once at a house party that was as far as things got.

He walked up to her and yelled at her she shouted at him he turned and left and she was crying, I decided to go over and try to find out what was wrong. I came over knocked on her door and she was surprised to see me and to know I lived in the same building.

mirian said she was going through some things with her boyfriend and she was desperately trying to get through it. I gave her a hug and she told me that she really appreciates my concern, I told her how beautiful she was, I really did like her though i knew it didn’t matter at all to her. mirian tells me her boyfriend doesn’t compliment her looks period. I didn’t understand how a man can be that stupid that unconcerned not to acknowledge his girlfriend’s beauty. she told me that he’s always working and that there’s no time to spend with each other.I told her that if i were her boyfriend I’d be here with her on a daily basis

“you’re so sweet” she said”where have you been all my life?”

I’ve been around the city” i said laughing”you just haven’t seen me, I saw you in a short act at the Miramar theater”

“you saw me in Ever wood? she asked

“Yeah.” i said “you looked great and you were wearing a long white dress with your hair in Indian braids.”

Mirian’s eyes lit up “omi god.” she said”you were there for the whole thing? you watched Ever wood, you saw me, why didn’t you wave to me?

“I wanted to but I didn’t want to get kicked out of the theater.” i said

Miriam leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I knew she didn’t want to go all the way with me, she wasn’t pressing her lips directly against mine they were partial kisses.

“i’ve been checkin you out” i told her

“oh Chris” she laughed”I didn’t know you liked me like that.’

“you have a gorgeous butt.” i said”I’m not hitting on you, just complementing you”

Miriam blushed she was wearing a t-shirt and white jogging pants she pulled her jogging pants down slightly

“this butt? she asked bending over in front of me. I was tempted to try something i reached over and grabbed her hand

“come over to my place later” i offered

“I don’t know about that.” she said.” I’m having dinner with Prust later,” I told her to think about it,I got up from the table and went back to my place.

Two hours had passed i was washing dishes and I looked out my window and she was sitting down the kitchen table with him eating dinner and they were talking.

Suddenly he pushed a chair, threw a piece of paper at her and threw his coat on the floor Mirian got up from the table and tried to calm him down and he motioned to her not to touch him, he pointed at her several times and pushed the chair he was sitting in. he turned and walked out of the kitchen she put her head in her hands and started crying. i didn’t know what was going on, so I waited 15 minutes and I went over there and knocked on the door, and she answered.

“Chris, Prust cheated on me last night.” she said with tears in her eyes

“really?” I asked”that aint right”

”all I can say is hang in there!” i told her as i gave her a hug”I’m sure things will get better”

As I turned to leave and she grabbed my hand “don’t go please!” she asked. i kissed her on the hand, Miriam wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me “come here” she whispered. she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom and kicked the door shut.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and stepped out of her jogging pants and slowly slid her panties down to her ankles and kicked them aside. i found myself sucking her tits and grabbing her big butt we were on the bed kissing and Miriam started tugging at my shirt she ordered me to undress and i took off everything.

Miriam gave me a long wet sloppy blowjob,running her wet tongue around my cockhead

“give it to me” she demanded.”every inch of it” she bent over in front of me. I took my cock pressed it against her pussy lips and and sank slowly inside her pussy.

”oh miri” I gasped

“umppp..ohhh…oopff fuck” she moaned her big ass started slapping loudly against my legs.

I leaned forward and kissed her on the ear and neck”yes mirian” I gasped”god this feels good”i smacked her on the ass Mirian put her head down as i humped away on her from behind she grabbed the pillows

“omi..omigod fuck me Chris!” she moaned”fick mich fick mich”

I was fuckin her so hard she started speaking german I just lay there givin miri’s pussy the business, my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

”uhhhhh uhhhhhh christopher please fick mich harter harter”she demanded “fick mich schneller”

“uhhh mirian” I gasped”all up in that german pussy, I’ma fuck the shit out of you tonight!”

Mirian had never been fucked like this before, i gripped her waist and kept dickin her from behind I had that big white ass jigglin against my legs should’ve seen this woman’s ass cheeks wobble.

”uhhh christopher” she gasped”just…uhhhhh umpffff omigod prust never fucked me this good shit!” I pulled out then i lay on my back

”gonna give me a ride hon” she asked smiling. and she got on top of me and i grabbed a hold of her warm white butt.

“Ohh yes”she moaned “Jesus Christ..fucking a” she leaned forward and I kissed her and grabbed a firm hold of her plump white ass, I smacked her on the ass twice and ran my tongue around her nipples.

She rolled off me and lay on her back fingering her pussy, I turned up the music on my smart phone I got on top of her and pushed my cock deep between her sticky pussy lips. I began thrusting away in her warm cunt she wrapped her legs around my waist

“oh baby oh baby’”she moaned”yes Christopher…omigod fuck me. just like…omigod” her toes curled up and i came deep inside of her wet pussy

“uhh..omi.omi..god’ she moaned she looked me in the eyes and licked her lips

“thank you!” she said breathing hard i kissed her again and again

She kissed me several times and ran her fingers across my back several times,

“I needed that sweetie” she said looking up at me”Prust had his chance and he failed his mission.”

“I hope me being here for you helps” I said. Mirian smiled

”you fucked me into the nearest galaxy, my hair’s messed up I’m sweaty and dizzy, thank you” she leaned up and pressed her soft lips against mine then wrapped her legs around my waist”when we break up you’ll have total access to my pussy hon” she says

Touchy feel me

Touchy feel me

By William Scape

(c) 2017

I went into hi hat the same day around 4 pm just to get out of the house. I ordered a pizza at the hi-hat and then decided to go over to the hi-hat garage. As I sat at the bar I spotted Jou Jou Marie and I went up to her and attempted to give her a hug.

“What do you want?” she asked, backing away

“Nothing, ” I said” I was just trying to be friendly”

“Go away, I don’t give hugs” she says

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my seat near the bar, she and two female friends chuckled hysterically.

Damn this broad is nice looking, but she’s a project! You need a five page blueprint to get up in her pussy. She’s one of those sophisticated, upscale chicks you have to spend money on, otherwise you’re going home by yourself.

God, I want to fuck this bitch, i thought to myself, i didn’t know how i was going to get it done.

A guy walks up to me“hey man, don’t be discouraged” he says, ”she’s a tight wad, if you catch her at the right time, you just might get what you’re asking for.”

I went home for 5 hours and I came back to the garage around 1:30 in the morning. I started dancing with this girl and then jou jou walks past

She came up to me

“I’m sorry for how I acted earlier, ” she said”my boyfriend Pieck’s being an asshole.”

“No problem” I said”we should talk about it, maybe it’ll help.”

“Well, I’m going to bed in a few hours”she says” you wanna stop at my place before then?”

“Sure” I said

I turned to the woman.

”We’ll do this another time,” I told the woman.

Jou Jou took me by the hand. She and I left the garage and we headed up the stairs, there’s a room above the hi-hat garage.

She opened the door and I went inside. She threw her purse on the couch and closed the door behind her. She walked up to me wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her soft lips against mine. I reached underneath her shirt and cupped her tits.

I reached underneath her and unloosened her bra, tossing it aside. Once it was off I kissed her belly button and worked my way back up to her tits i began working my tongue all over and around her nipples

”Ummmmmm” she gasped”god, oh shit.”

“Forget about your boyfriend.” i said

“Fuck,” she moaned, she closed her eyes as I licked at her nipples repeatedly

I reached down unbuttoned her shorts and took them off, I eventually got her panties down, I grabbed them pulled them up and over her flip flops. I immediately began to finger her pussy.

”Mmm.. Hmmmmm’”she whispers licking her lips i put my finger on her clit and began to flick my finger back and forth across her clit.

”Ohhhhhh.. Uhhhhhhhshit.. fuck, ”she whispered.

“Just you wait, ” I whispered in her ear as I took off my briefs and T-shirt

”i’m tired of waiting, ” she said sternly”come give me what I’ve been missing out on”

I grabbed her legs pulled her closer to me and parted her legs, then took my cock and pressed the head against her pussy lips. Inch by inch I slid it in until I was completely buried inside of her. I planted my hands by her side and began to thrust slowly in her

”Umpfffff”she moaned.

I kissed her on the neck and I began fucking her harder she ran her fingers across my back and when i deep stroked her she dug her nails in my backside.

”Uhhhhh,” I groaned”jou Jouuuuuuuuu!”

She wrapped her legs around my waist as i began fucking her into next week Sunday.

”Yes.. Right there.. right there shit, ”she pleaded. I had her long legs wrapped around my waist, my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

“Ahhhhhh ummp, fuck fuck fuck!” she moaned.

I turned over slightly and tried to work her pussy from an angle

”Ump… oh, ” she moaned she knew I was hitting her sweet spot I just lay there a thumping away at her tight crack

”Ohhh Chris oh Chris” she moaned she ran her fingers across my back then she dug her nails in my back”oh my fucking god, Christopher please.. Oh, you’re so deep inside of me.”

I was stroking her spot and I kept ramming it in her balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips. As I watched my long dick go in and out of her pussy watching her cream build slightly on my cock as I plunged in and out of her. I got to tagging that pussy she lay there legs wrapped around my waist getting her pussy worked in and out

”Oh please oh fuck me Chris oh yes, ” she gasped. I was getting the best of her just drumming away in that shaved pussy of hers

As I drove my thick erection into her toes curled up. I had this woman’s legs up in the air, pinned to the mattress. She’d never been plowed like this before by a cock like mine.

”I’m not done with you yet” I said pulling all the way out.

I pressed my cock against her pussy lips and went in.

Jou jou squirms a bit as I poke her wet flesh with my hard cock

”Oh, I’m still on the clock”I says kissing her on her tits”I’m not done doing my job”my balls slapped against her pussy lips her legs up in the air.

”Umpffff fuck.. Umpfff” she groaned

”Now what was it you wanted to talk about” I whispered.

“Uh uhhh” she moaned, ”Christopher god…You…Please just-“

“Bend that bottom over”I demanded as I pulled out. She turned around, got on all fours in front of me.

I took my hard cock and beat it against her butt cheeks.

”Ahh dammit right there, ” I said, pressing my hard knob against those pussy lips and slowly inched myself in.

Her pussy queefed

”Oh my goodness” I said”tighter than a fucking vise!”

”Umpfff Jou Jou shit you’re gonna make me cum before I want to!” I exclaimed as I plunged my firm brown prick into this lovely woman’s pussy.

”Is it deep enough? I asked

“Uh-huh.. umpfff” she moaned.

”Let me know what you want” I told her”should I go faster or slower,harder? Deeper? “

She just lay there I fastened my hands to her waist and started pumping away on her

“Uh uh uh uh!, ” I exclaimed smacking her on the ass several times”oh yes all up in that pussy”

The sweet sounds of her rear end slapping against my legs made me want to fuck her even harder I kissed her on the neck and just started wailing away at that that bottom felt good against my legs.

“Good pussy right there” I exclaimed, ”look at that every inch of that dick in your pussy baby”

She put her head down and kept getting dug out, her pussy juices dripped down her thighs as I worked hard cock deep in an out of her slippery brown crack

I smacked her on the ass and kissed her on the neck

“Oh yes, ” I exclaimed, peering down at my hard cock just barging into her tight pussy”you feel incredible you’re gripping my tool.”

“don’t stop please, ” she begged pushing herself back against me”oh my god fucking a-“

I grabbed her waist and kept slamming myself into her I closed my eyes and kept thrusting until I felt myself about to cum.

“Jou Jou i’m coming” I grunted”all over your beautiful brown ass”

I pulled my cock from her pussy and I spurted a thick load of cum all over her ass

“Oh man,” I growled. “my goodness! I just fucked the shit out of you.”

“I’ll drink to that!” she says, looking back at me.

I wiped the cum off her backside and threw the tissue in a nearby wastebasket.

“I’m sorry if I bugged you earlier with my hug” I told her

“Oh, you’re fine, “she said running her fingers through her long brown hair

She leaned over and pressed her lips firmly against mine

“I want you to fuck me again.” she said

“But what about your boyfriend?” I asked

“Oh, he can watch” she says, “besides, who’s going to hold the camera for us?”

I squeezed her tits and I grabbed her pressing my lips against hers, she grabbed me and I roll over top of her.

“Once upon a time in the west” by Dire Straits begins to play in the background. The camera zooms on jou jou’s fingernails going across my back several times, her phone rings.

“hey jou jou it’s Pieck” her voicemail says”I really need to talk to you.”

I reach over and put a blanket over her phone,her mattress squeaks twice.she kicks her flip flops and panties off the bed.

Sleeping on the job

Sleeping on the job

By william scape

© 2016

“Is everybody gone?” I asked her

“yep, I’m the last one standing” Kim said putting up bar stools on the bar

“hope you made a lot of money tonight” I told her

“didn’t do too bad tonight, I’m $200 richer”

She slowly strutted toward me”well now it’s just you and me here alone.”

“I know” I told her”what are we gonna do?”

”C’mon” she said putting her hands on her big hips”what AREN’T we gonna do?”

“we should go to my place” I suggested”water street is busy,people can see-”

“I pulled the shades down in the restaurant dude. No one’s gonna see us butt ass naked”

Man, I always wanted to fuck Kim’s big white ass, but I never imagined it would happen at work, I went outside and grabbed a long wooden bench from the patio and carried it into the kitchen

“don’t forget the cushions” she suggested. She went into the dining room and grabbed 4 off the chairs and I laid them over the bench in rows.

I couldn’t wait to see what lurked underneath that black dress with beige and gold flowers.

“um, chris”she said pointing at her backside”a little help over here”

I went over to her”you look lovely in this dress” I told her.

I unloosened her tie in the back.

”lovely gal” I said as I kissed her on the neck

”all the way off” she said stepping out of it and putting it on the sink next to the bench

Kim fingered her shaved pussy as I lay on my back.

”let’s finish what we were talkin’ about doin last night.” she said getting on top of me and guiding me into her soft pink pussy

“yes omg”she gasped, throwing her head back”give me that long pole of yours”

Kim has a ridiculous sized bottom, I could barely hold on to her big ass booty as she rode my hard dick.

“give me that STP” she says


“you know what I’m talkin about, strong thick polish”

“uh,STP is a motor oil” I told her

“motor oil, your dick, they both serve the same purpose, to lubricate my engine parts”

Kim bounced that fat ass of hers on my dick,butt cheeks slappin loudly against my legs

“assume the position”I said to myself

”my favorite position is doggy style” she says getting up off of me she got down on all fours in front of me.

“holy shit” I exclaimed”I always checked out your ass when you walked by but I never thought it was this big!”

Kim looked back at me and wiggled her ass”I get a lot of guys lookin at my ass,but you get a chance to touch it”

I reached over and grabbed some lube out my backpack and lathered it on my cock tip and pressed it against her pussy lips and began to slide it in.

“there must be a god if I’ve got you on all fours in a restaurant”I said to myself”my goodness, there should be a law against having an ass this big!”

Kim started pushing her big white ass back against my cock

“kimmie” I gasped”that feels-”

She just put her head down and kept pushing herself against me,her big white ass slapping loudly against my legs.

“damn it, kim caboose, you sure know how to get a guy’s dick hard with that ass”

“oh Chris” she said chuckling”kimmie caboose, I like it!”

“c’mon hon,don’t make me do all the work”she said

I grabbed her waist tightly and I began pumpin slowly into Kim’s warm sticky pussy

“ohhhh my goodness“ kim gasped. She squirmed a bit and I grabbed her and pulled her back to me”ohh yeah,”that’s what I’m talkin about, now we’re gettin’ somewhere”

I was workin her out.thrusting faster into her pussy

“uhhhhh!” she gasped”oh god, oh my god..that’s..incredible..oh shit we have a winner”

i looked down at that lovely white derriere and laid pipe in that plump pussy,She put her head down and let me work on her schedule.I was clearing my calendar in her pussy the clapping sound of her ass against my legs was living proof I was doin my job well.I had kim’s big bottom jigglin loudly as she held on to the legs of the bench in front of her.

“uhhh yes fuck me” she pleaded”harder..don’t pull out please”

I did what she ordered smacking her on that fat ass of hers and working my dick in and out of that warm moist crack.

“turn over kimmie” I said

She turned over and lay on her back. I got on top of her grabbed her legs and parked myself deep in her pussy.

“oh wow” she exclaimed”you’re all up in my in box”

I put her legs up and started rammin home in her cunt

“umpfffff!” she gasped”shit..holy…ummpff,ohhhh…omigod..umpfff right there hon”

I put my head between her cleavage and started deep divin in her. her toes curled up as she wrapped her long legs around my waist and ran her fingers several times across my bald head.

Then I heard a knock on the door.

“someone’s coming” I said”I thought we were closed?”

She pressed her soft pink lips against mine“fuck them”

“oh kimmie,oh my goodness I’m comin home straight to you” I whispered

“come on home” she gasped”give it to me”

I thrusted several more times and gripped Kim tightly I looked behind me at her pretty polished candy red toes and erupted deep inside her pussy.

“Kim…godddd..urghh..uhhhhhh” I grunted sucking on her nipples

I looked down at Kim, we lay there both breathing hard.

“whew” I exclaimed”that was…intense”

“I haven’t been fucked like that in awhile” she said.

I got up and started putting on my underwear“first time fucking a tall blonde with a huge ass in the kitchen”I said

“I enjoyed your company” she said putting her silk black panties back on”every inch of it”

“Well, we sure picked a perfect day to fool around,working here sucks sometimes”I replied”but this makes up for it.I had a blast with you, we might never get a chance to do this again.”

“you never know, Chris. I could always stop at your place after work or when you’re on vacation, if I ever need to be nailed senseless you’ll get a text”

I told her when it comes to her big ass I’m always available, Work is now my other favorite four letter word.

Imagination:The new porn

By William Scape

(c) 2017

My imagination is vast I’ve perfected it to the point I can imagine myself doing anything anywhere these days while this took time and effort to make it as vivid as it is, I am happy with the results of my efforts.


There was a redhead named Sadie who worked at a Starbucks I used to frequently visit when I lived in Cudahy. I’ve never seen her naked but over time I was able to take off her clothes without ever touching her


Every time I would approach her talk to her she would look at me smile or say hello to customers.My eyes are like lenses whenever I see something or someone interesting I look at it and take a picture of it using my inner camera (eyes) then I store them in my short term or long term memory

I can retrieve these images I have taken pictures of using my mind’s camera later after I leave the Starbucks,so I retrieve the image of Sadie smiling or talking to me at Starbucks and then I edit them by using my mind, I call it mental photo shop.

I just imagine her doing something other than talking to me or smiling at me, (undressing, flirting, talking off her clothes having no clothes on at all kissing me or opening the closet at Starbucks and asking me if I can help her get something out of the closet. I even imagined her having sex with president obama in the storage closet there!!

I can do this with photographs too! Right now I have a gallery of pictures of beaches, lawn chairs, waterfalls, hot tub,yacht, on my laptop

I have made my imagination so vivid that I can imagine myself having sex with any women in these photographs

park sand

Took the picture at the beach in grant park in South Milwaukee.there were a dozen rocks and weeds on this sand but I removed them. a photo of a blonde haired woman. using my imagination I can put the woman on the sand in the picture.










I call it mental cut and paste,or mental photoshop. The vast pieces of your imagination are like clay, they just have to be shaped, molded and then put in your mental kiln.





bed on pallets


Another example, this mattress on pallets, no woman in this picture, HOWEVER using the memories of women I’ve seen on the city bus or talked to or worked with, I can imagine one laying on this bed.

the presence of porn is unnecessary to achieve this, all you need is an imagination and a long term memory like mine!

Speaking of porn, I’ve been creating my own erotic movies since I was 12, I just looked at a picture or a woman and added a sexual situation to it. I didn’t need a camera or women with fake breasts,makeup, wearing high heels. All I did was think and imagine. If porn was banned or abolished, I would feel no pain.An imagined sex scene in my mind is much more interesting than any porn on the internet.



a hot shower and lorri minetti in my imagination=inner sex scene. no porn

whatsoever. all I need is my mind to bring the two together.