by wheelyumwrite

I daydreamed me and this tall brunette Amanda were kissing in the party room at mason’s pub and 10 minutes later I got her out of her panties and fucked her underneath a table.

while I was screwin her underneath the table my phone rang and I reached up on the table to grab it. amanda grabs my hand and takes my phone from my hand.

“he’s kinda busy”she tells the caller” can you call him back later?”

“now where were we?” she asks grabbing me and kissing me.the camera zooms in on the table shaking and she’s moaning loudly

“is somebody in here?” a voice asks I lifted my head to see Greg Block of Blockunshire inc standing there.

“oh I’m so sorry” he says.

“no i’m the one in the wrong Mr block” i told him”i didn’t know there was going to be anyone in here at his time.”

“oh no its okay, I’ve fucked a few of my co workers in my day” he admitted”you sure look like you’re hard at work!”

indeed i was hard at work but i was punching a different type of time clock:hers. amanda walters has a a warm pink time clock, i punch in for work by just taking the bulging brown knob of my dick and pressing it against her smooth pink pussy lips and slowly inch by inch i slide in, past the lips and settle into her narrow gap.

“do i get paid by the hour or by salary? i asked her
amanda has her head down just gettin worked over my legs clapping loudly against her legs her panties pulled down to her ankles she can hardly take it.

“what kind of job is this? i ask myself,i bet the insurance is expensive, how much overtime will i get?” she started pushing herself back against my stiff erection.

” let me do all the work darlin'”i gasped”I’m on the clock, remember? i gotta work, this is my rent money and money for my bills.”

i grabbed her waist and pulled her to me shoving myself into her every thrust more powerful than the next.

“mmmmmmmhurgh”amanda grunted”shit oh my goddddd”

i squeezed her ass and gave her butt a firm squeeze.

“gonna give me overtime tonight?” i asked.

she just put her head down i looked down at that tight white ass of hers just slapping against my legs man i was giving that Walters twat the good stuff shipping and handling that woman’s package, they say handle it with care well i did handle it with care.

Greg asked if he could take a picture of us fucking, i asked amanda and she shrugged her shoulders she’s gettin’ prodded so good she didn’t care, the way i was workin dick in her i thought she was going to pass out or call a cab, but she just kept takin’ it from me. that woman was gettin herself doinked and i was loving every bit of that pussy there’s nothing like pfister pussy especially when someone walks in on you while you’re getting it.


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