by william scape

I daydreamed about me and this tall brunette Amanda were kissing in the dry storage room at mason street grill and 10 minutes later I got her out of her panties and fucked her underneath a table in the bar room.

while I was screwin her underneath the table my phone rang and I reached up on the table to grab it. amanda grabs my hand and takes my phone from my hand.

“he’s kinda busy”she tells the caller” can you call him back later?”

“now where were we?” she asks grabbing me and kissing me

the camera zooms in on the table shaking and she’s moaning loudly

“is somebody in here?” a voice asks

“I think someone’s having sex underneath that table” another person says”we’ll wait until they’re done.”

I hear the door to the room close and Amanda wraps her long legs around my waist

the table begins to shake back and forth and no one bothered us, thankfully we never got caught!


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