by Williacj

A big red chewing gum commercial where I just finished winning a gran turismo 3 race and i’m at the finish line and they hand me the trophy.

long dark haired Becki comes up to me in a red and white Toyota racing uniform open toed high heels and she grabs me and starts kissing me.

“say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer” the commercial goes, someone tries to get her attention she pushes them away and i wrap my arms around her waist and we keep kissing.

Fifteen minutes later we’re still kissing. eventually I reach down and pat her on the butt she stops kissing me

“did you just grab my butt?” she asks

“don’t..don’t do that ever again” she says sternly.

I pick her up off her feet and start kissing her all over her neck her ears .

Becki starts moaning softly and she takes off her racing suit and bends over in front of a race car nearby.I grab a hold of her waist and slide deep into her and start workin it in her as she holds on to the car. “ohhh Christopher” she gasps. i grab a handful of her long dark hair and start boinking her from behind her tight white ass slaps against my legs

“omi-god please yes ” she gasps

i eventually put her legs up on my shoulders and start pounding off in her against the race car!

“hey hey” a voice yells”nobody’s supposed to be in here,this is GT Motorsports property, restricted to the public!”

I pull out and we grab our clothes and take off running.

“who the hell was that? i ask.”i thought we were alone.”



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