by william scape

last night i daydreamed about having sex with Gracie from according to Jim and I listened to “breezin” and “give me the night” by George Benson. I imagined her striking poses and taking off her clothes on the living room of the tv show set. later i had sex with her on the couch she was moaning loudly and her co star ruby walked in on us while “give me the night” was playing. ruby starts grinding on me and Gracie got jealous”you already have a boyfriend!” she exclaims stepping in between us.”this one’s mine”  I pick Gracie up and start lifting her up and down standing up.

there’s a knock on the door.

“this is the AISWM group” someone yells”we know you’re in here with an underage girl, come out or we will break this door down!”

ruby turns up the volume on the music and I keep bouncing Gracie up and down. then I hear footsteps.

“we’re comin’ in, you will be arrested!” a voice yells through a bullhorn. ruby grabs her book bag and we go running into the kitchen there’s a hidden door behind the refrigerator we open it and it leads to an underground tunnel.

we hear the door burst open and several voices yelling”freeze you’re under arrest”


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