by william scape

(c) 2017

I was daydreaming I was hanging out on the pacific coast when I saw this short petite asian woman in flip flops and a flowered swimsuit. I got the courage to ask her if I could take a picture with her and she said yes, I gave her a hug.  

“awww a hug” she says laughing”I usually don’t get many of those” I told her she was beautiful.

“thank you” she said “i really appreciate that, you look handsome yourself.” we were looking into each others eyes and i went for it all and kissed her on the hand.

“oh wow” she said”you’re romantic” i leaned over gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“oh wow” she exclaimed “i don’t want to offend you, so i’ll leave it at that” 

i told her she smiled”well, you and I are both here and we’re single so….” she says I leaned over and gave her a long firm hug and she looked up at me and leaned up and i pressed my lips against hers I picked her up off her feet and we started kissing and she took off her bikini top off and then I inched her bikini bottom down minutes later we were kissing on this patio lounger chair and people were cheering us on surprisingly fifteen minutes later we were having sex on the lounge chair she wrapped her legs around my waist her phone rang but she wouldn’t answer it later the scene moves to an island cave and i had sex with her against the wall of the cave then I pulled out a huge blue beach blanket and laid it down near the cave entrance and put an umbrella up to block out the sun’s rays and we started having sex on the blanket she dug her long nails into my backside and her phone rang again”could you call back” she asked”i’m kinda busy?” I went into her deep and she dropped the phone we kept going at it on the blanket and I heard someone say”there’s someone doing bad things near the cave a girl and this black guy’ we finished up before the cops ever found out what we were doing though.


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