Lake effexxx

by William scape

(c) 2017

One weekend I was invited to a huge on the lake pool party in upper Wisconsin with my friends. When I got there we went out on a boat and drank a 30 pack of genuine draft then headed back to the lake view cottage.
When I got there I saw my friend Gabby and she ran up to me and gave me a hug. One of Gabby’s friends dared me to kiss her on the cheek and so I did. I left and went into a nearby room and gabby followed me.

“dude come here” she said. When I turned toward her she smiled and asked me if I wanted to make out, then gabby put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine.

“gimme some tongue dude” she demanded,we made out for 5 minutes I squeezed her ass and tried to pick her up.

Her blonde friend Alexis came into the room and saw us making out.

“what y’all doin?” she asked.

“he’s just showin’ me some love” gabby says wiping her mouth. lexi licked her lips

“you gonna show me some love too, Chris?” she asked.

“dude go for that shit” gabby said

I role played a scene where she wants to kiss me but I have to go to work in a few minutes, lexis starts laughing

“i wanna make shit up as we go along” she says.

I stood there and lexi gave me a hug

“you do know i have to work today” I said as I made my way toward the door

“you’re not gonna be late for work” she said kicking the door shut.

“i gotta get to work lexi” i said”i gotta go to work I got a-”

lexi leans up puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. i wrap my arms around her waist and pick her up off her hand brushes her backside.

“feelin on my ass” she says laughing she strikes a pose for me”you know you wanna” i grab her and we start kissing again, lexi starts walking backwards toward the bathroom still making out with me.

We get to the bathroom and I spin her around and start grinding on her.

“wow” she says”I’m shocked” I’ve got my hands on her hips just humpin away on lexi, she starts pushing her butt back against my crotch.

“ohh shit” she gasped”fuckin me through my clothes” she backed away from me.

“pull your shorts down” she says she pulls her bikini bottom down and steps out of it

“now hump me” she demanded.

I start humpin on her again and let me tell you, I nearly came.

“stop and go method lexis” i said”i don’t wanna cum just yet” then her other blonde friend Kim walked into the room.

”whoa”she says”am I interrupting something?”

lexi smiled”you wanna try?”Kimberly grinned.

”carry on” she says as she left Kimberly gave me a hi-five”you lucky bastard!” she whispers to me as she left the bathroom.

I kept a rammin away at lexi from behind. Oh the feeling of my dick against lexi’s butt cheeks was intense, I felt my load coming. If it wasn’t for the stop and go method I’d made a big white mess all over her ass, I just closed my eyes and tried not to look down at my legs slapping against her ass cheeks.

”sexy lexi,sexy ass lexi” I gasped still grinding hard on her she put her head down.

”I’m wet”she said”that shit feels good between my ass cheeks”

“Do you want me to go faster, lexi?”I asked.

”uh-uh”she said”you can’t cum yet, you better not cum yet”

Even though I wasn’t actually penetrating her I was pleasuring her by just humping on her from behind.

”squeeze my tits” she demanded, I nibbled on her ears and neck while grinding against her. lexi pushed her ass back against my cock.

”stay still”she said”don’t move, I wanna be in control” she started pushin backwards

”are you satisfied?” I asked her”dude my pussy juices are dripping down my thighs, you’re fuckin me without really fucking me.” she said,we both laughed.

Then her ass began to slap loudly against my legs.

”urghhhh lexi sexy lexeeeee” I exclaimed lexi just kept a pushin her cushion against my dick.

”too much ass for you huh?” she asks”my butt does that to guys”
It wasn’t even actual penetration, but it felt better even without being up in her. my heart was damn near beating out of my chest, it was only a matter of time, she kept pushin back against my dick wigglin her ass back and forth against my dick I looked down at my dick and all I could see was lexi’s ass, then lexi pushed her ass against my cock to the point where it was parked between her butt cheeks.

”hot dog in a bun”I gasped,this blonde babe’s ass was squeezing my dick! She wiggled her ass against my dick again and again.

I looked down and saw a thick stream of pre-cum oozing from my dick every time lexi wiggled that ass against my stiff brown dick. No more mister nice guy, I thought. I reached down took my cock and slid it deep into lexi’s pussy.

”uhhhh lexus” I said lexi put her head down and I grabbed a hold of her waist and start stickin it to her.

”ohhhhh” she moaned, I kissed her on the neck.

”it aint over till the lexi lady sings” she pushed her bottom against my dick”uhhh…uhhhhhhuhhhh” she gasped shaking her head I just started layin pipe to lexi doggy style,donkdonkdonkdonk went her ass against my legs.

”lexeeee” I exclaimed I grabbed her waist and kept humpin away on her from behind.

”urghhhhhh” I exclaimed”umpgggg”

“um hmmm, that’s it..fuck me motherfucker!” she said”grab my ponytail and fuck that pussy till I can’t stand up straight”

I just kept humpin lexi, my cock parked in her sticky pussy lexi’s pussy lips tightened around my cock as I fucked her from behind.

”I’m gonna blow lexi…I’m gonna blow really soon” I told her.

”keep fuckin me” she demanded”give me that big ass dick”

her ass just badonkdabonkbadonk against my legs.

”darn you lexi,your ass, I’m gonna-” I just lost it, I pulled out and spurted my thick load all over her ass cheeks.

”hurrrg….gggrrhhhhhhh” I exclaimed bobbing my head up and down with every spurt of cum.

”I bet you emptied both of your balls in between my ass” she says”that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a guy come so hard”

I looked down at lexi’s ass cum dripped from her ass onto the bathroom floor

”you came twice on my ass”she says smiling”pre cum AND cum” I stood there heart still beating rapidly.

”oh wow” I said as I pat her on the butt”first time I fucked a blonde without being inside of her” I gave her a Kleenex and she wiped the cum off her ass cheeks

”damn its on the floor too” she says”been savin that up for awhile I bet”

I kissed lexi on the cheek

”I’ve wanted to fuck you for awhile, you made me a happy man” I told her.I never imagined I’d have my cock in between alexis’ butt cheeks and then in her pussy at this party, I looked down at my cock, I bet it was happy too, not many dicks can survive being clamped by the soft ass cheeks of alexus for that long.

“did you have fun?” she asked.

”yeah” I said

lexi smiled”you fucked the shit out me,I’m still wet, I can’t even walk straight after this” we put our clothes back on and when we opened the door to the bathroom Gabby and her friends Jenna and Trixie were standing outside the door

”you just got fucked didn’t you?” Gabby asked lexi. Lexi shrugged her shoulders

”ask him” she said pointing to me. I saw lexi and Jenna were talking and Jenna’s eyes widened

”he did what?” she asked her I just went outside to a patio chair overlooking the lake, I never expected to have this much fun with so many attractive ladies around me, I plan on coming here next summer, maybe I’ll have another story to tell.


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