Touchy feel me

By William Scape

(c) 2017

I went into hi hat the same day around 4 pm just to get out of the house. I ordered a pizza at the hi-hat and then decided to go over to the hi-hat garage. As I sat at the bar I spotted Jou Jou Marie and I went up to her and attempted to give her a hug.

“What do you want?” she asked, backing away

“Nothing, ” I said” I was just trying to be friendly”

“Go away, I don’t give hugs” she says

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my seat near the bar, she and two female friends chuckled hysterically.

Damn this broad is nice looking, but she’s a project! You need a five page blueprint to get up in her pussy. She’s one of those sophisticated, upscale chicks you have to spend money on, otherwise you’re going home by yourself.

God, I want to fuck this bitch, i thought to myself, i didn’t know how i was going to get it done.

A guy walks up to me“hey man, don’t be discouraged” he says, ”she’s a tight wad, if you catch her at the right time, you just might get what you’re asking for.”

I went home for 5 hours and I came back to the garage around 1:30 in the morning. I started dancing with this girl and then jou jou walks past

She came up to me

“I’m sorry for how I acted earlier, ” she said”my boyfriend Pieck’s being an asshole.”

“No problem” I said”we should talk about it, maybe it’ll help.”

“Well, I’m going to bed in a few hours”she says” you wanna stop at my place before then?”

“Sure” I said

I turned to the woman.

”We’ll do this another time,” I told the woman.

Jou Jou took me by the hand. She and I left the garage and we headed up the stairs, there’s a room above the hi-hat garage.

She opened the door and I went inside. She threw her purse on the couch and closed the door behind her. She walked up to me wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her soft lips against mine. I reached underneath her shirt and cupped her tits.

I reached underneath her and unloosened her bra, tossing it aside. Once it was off I kissed her belly button and worked my way back up to her tits i began working my tongue all over and around her nipples

”Ummmmmm” she gasped”god, oh shit.”

“Forget about your boyfriend.” i said

“Fuck,” she moaned, she closed her eyes as I licked at her nipples repeatedly

I reached down unbuttoned her shorts and took them off, I eventually got her panties down, I grabbed them pulled them up and over her flip flops. I immediately began to finger her pussy.

”Mmm.. Hmmmmm’”she whispers licking her lips i put my finger on her clit and began to flick my finger back and forth across her clit.

”Ohhhhhh.. Uhhhhhhhshit.. fuck, ”she whispered.

“Just you wait, ” I whispered in her ear as I took off my briefs and T-shirt

”i’m tired of waiting, ” she said sternly”come give me what I’ve been missing out on”

I grabbed her legs pulled her closer to me and parted her legs, then took my cock and pressed the head against her pussy lips. Inch by inch I slid it in until I was completely buried inside of her. I planted my hands by her side and began to thrust slowly in her

”Umpfffff”she moaned.

I kissed her on the neck and I began fucking her harder she ran her fingers across my back and when i deep stroked her she dug her nails in my backside.

”Uhhhhh,” I groaned”jou Jouuuuuuuuu!”

She wrapped her legs around my waist as i began fucking her into next week Sunday.

”Yes.. Right there.. right there shit, ”she pleaded. I had her long legs wrapped around my waist, my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

“Ahhhhhh ummp, fuck fuck fuck!” she moaned.

I turned over slightly and tried to work her pussy from an angle

”Ump… oh, ” she moaned she knew I was hitting her sweet spot I just lay there a thumping away at her tight crack

”Ohhh Chris oh Chris” she moaned she ran her fingers across my back then she dug her nails in my back”oh my fucking god, Christopher please.. Oh, you’re so deep inside of me.”

I was stroking her spot and I kept ramming it in her balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips. As I watched my long dick go in and out of her pussy watching her cream build slightly on my cock as I plunged in and out of her. I got to tagging that pussy she lay there legs wrapped around my waist getting her pussy worked in and out

”Oh please oh fuck me Chris oh yes, ” she gasped. I was getting the best of her just drumming away in that shaved pussy of hers

As I drove my thick erection into her toes curled up. I had this woman’s legs up in the air, pinned to the mattress. She’d never been plowed like this before by a cock like mine.

”I’m not done with you yet” I said pulling all the way out.

I pressed my cock against her pussy lips and went in.

Jou jou squirms a bit as I poke her wet flesh with my hard cock

”Oh, I’m still on the clock”I says kissing her on her tits”I’m not done doing my job”my balls slapped against her pussy lips her legs up in the air.

”Umpffff fuck.. Umpfff” she groaned

”Now what was it you wanted to talk about” I whispered.

“Uh uhhh” she moaned, ”Christopher god…You…Please just-“

“Bend that bottom over”I demanded as I pulled out. She turned around, got on all fours in front of me.

I took my hard cock and beat it against her butt cheeks.

”Ahh dammit right there, ” I said, pressing my hard knob against those pussy lips and slowly inched myself in.

Her pussy queefed

”Oh my goodness” I said”tighter than a fucking vise!”

”Umpfff Jou Jou shit you’re gonna make me cum before I want to!” I exclaimed as I plunged my firm brown prick into this lovely woman’s pussy.

”Is it deep enough? I asked

“Uh-huh.. umpfff” she moaned.

”Let me know what you want” I told her”should I go faster or slower,harder? Deeper? “

She just lay there I fastened my hands to her waist and started pumping away on her

“Uh uh uh uh!, ” I exclaimed smacking her on the ass several times”oh yes all up in that pussy”

The sweet sounds of her rear end slapping against my legs made me want to fuck her even harder I kissed her on the neck and just started wailing away at that that bottom felt good against my legs.

“Good pussy right there” I exclaimed, ”look at that every inch of that dick in your pussy baby”

She put her head down and kept getting dug out, her pussy juices dripped down her thighs as I worked hard cock deep in an out of her slippery brown crack

I smacked her on the ass and kissed her on the neck

“Oh yes, ” I exclaimed, peering down at my hard cock just barging into her tight pussy”you feel incredible you’re gripping my tool.”

“don’t stop please, ” she begged pushing herself back against me”oh my god fucking a-“

I grabbed her waist and kept slamming myself into her I closed my eyes and kept thrusting until I felt myself about to cum.

“Jou Jou i’m coming” I grunted”all over your beautiful brown ass”

I pulled my cock from her pussy and I spurted a thick load of cum all over her ass

“Oh man,” I growled. “my goodness! I just fucked the shit out of you.”

“I’ll drink to that!” she says, looking back at me.

I wiped the cum off her backside and threw the tissue in a nearby wastebasket.

“I’m sorry if I bugged you earlier with my hug” I told her

“Oh, you’re fine, “she said running her fingers through her long brown hair

She leaned over and pressed her lips firmly against mine

“I want you to fuck me again.” she said

“But what about your boyfriend?” I asked

“Oh, he can watch” she says, “besides, who’s going to hold the camera for us?”

I squeezed her tits and I grabbed her pressing my lips against hers, she grabbed me and I roll over top of her.

“Once upon a time in the west” by Dire Straits begins to play in the background. The camera zooms on jou jou’s fingernails going across my back several times, her phone rings.

“hey jou jou it’s Pieck” her voicemail says”I really need to talk to you.”

I reach over and put a blanket over her phone,her mattress squeaks twice.she kicks her flip flops and panties off the bed.


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