Floating account

By william scape

© 2016

I really like my apartment management’s accountant Amy, Amy is tall and curvy with curly brown hair thick plump ass and a pair of big ass tits.

I went to the office one day just to see her. she waved at me as I handed my rent check to her assistant. damn amy i thought to myself, she came from behind the desk to get something, she was wearing a red and white tank top shorts and flip flops. Amy had it all today, pretty feet, pretty eyes knock em out tits and an ass to go with it. My goodness, her ass the way it sways when she walks!I would do anything just to be parked behind her, my hands on her waist just a taggin that warm pink pussy of hers

I ran into her one day as she was dropping off water bill notices. I introduced myself to her, she knew I was interested in her and gave me the usual”nice to meet you but no thanks” response, It stung a little bit, but i knew disappointment very well I decided I wouldn’t let it get me down.

Several days past and I ran into her one day while off work at Mojo’s pub and grill. As we sat at the bar I came out and told her I wanted to make out with her, she laughed and then told me she was married. she declined my offer, we said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways.

5 hours later my phone rings

“hello?” i asked

“hi chris, it’s Amy.”

“what’s up?”

“I just called to clarify something with you” she said

“you’re not interested in me, you’re married, I get it” I told her

”you don’t have to be my husband to satisfy my needs” she says “you just need to be available when I have them”

“I get it you have needs and desires, every woman does” i said

“nnnnnnn-o” she said”are you not understanding me?”

“i am”I replied.”what can I do to help?”

“just, never mind.” she said then hung up the phone.

35 minutes later my doorbell rang

“what the hell?” i said to myself ”who is this?”

I get up off my bed and go downstairs to see who it is.

“Amy,i didn’t expect you” i said opening the door”come in.”

”surprise surprise” she says

We waked up the stairs to my apartment and i opened the door and she went inside.

“i got beer, soda,orange juice” i said

“And I have needs”she says

I reached over grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.Amy and I started kissing, damn near tearing each others clothes off. “god Amy your tits” I exclaimed as I worked my tongue around her pink nipples several times. My pre-cum was flowing, I couldn’t wait to fuck this lovely brunette MILF senseless.i eventually got her out of those panties and it wasn’t long before I had her plump curvy ass in front of me. “I took my stiff prick and slid it deep into Amy’s sticky pussy and started workin off her doggy style,

“2 am just payin my rent” i said breathing hard my legs were slappin loudly against amy’s plump ass cheeks as I boinked her from the back.

“uhhhh-uhhhhh” i groaned”dammit Amy!” I looked down at her plump ass as I thrusted away in her”that’s a nice ass you got there.”

Amy turned around”put me on my back and fuck the shit out of me” she demanded as she laid on her back on the bed. I slid myself back deep in her cunt and started humpin away between her warm thighs

”ohhhhh jesus christ fuck” she gasped”ohhhh yeah..mmmmm..god you fuck me…shit motherfucker!”

“Jesus can’t help you hon” I said”I’m all up in your pussy, I’m not bustin a nut for awhile either.”i was indeed payin my rent several months in advance in that lovely 40 something twat. i put her sexy long legs up on my shoulders and started rammin it home again.

“umph..oohffff fucking shit..godddd your dick is..” she gasped”you must love rental property pussy don’t you?”

“I love payin your office what I owe” I said”am I current with the office’s rental records?”

”you’re current with us rent wise” she says” But you have an outstanding debt, an unpaid water bill, which you can pay with your dick”

“when can I make my payment?” i asked

”now would be a good time”she gasped”and be sure when you write out the money order make it payable to my pussy”

I just lay there Amy’s sexy legs wrapped around my waist her nails scratching my backside and shoulders. I was buried deep in her pussy just pumpin’ away mercilessly in her,
My balls were slappin’ loudly against her pussy lips she was getting did up good.

“oh yes…omi-god you’re a good tenant” she said looking up at me”thank you for your prompt payment, let me give you a receipt for you records, can’t let you leave without giving you a receipt.”

I put my stiff cock in between her tits Amy squeezed her tits together and I spurted a thick white load of jizz all over her tits

“wow, gosh,it feels good to pay off my rent and other bills” i said

”you just spurted a thick load on my boobs” she says smiling”that’s a lot of cum, been savin’ that for me huh?”

“better late than never?” i asked

”Usually most people pay what they owe us on time” she said breathing hard”but if you pay your rent like this every month I won’t charge you a late fee.”

“Works for me” i replied”thanks for the receipt and allowing me to pay in advance”

We put our clothes back on and as we headed outside we started making out in the hallway, I gave her lovely ass a swift pat and a squeeze she grabbed me kissed me then got in her car and drove off.


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