Closing Arguments

By William Scape

© 2017

I overheard this couple having a little argument across the way from my apartment they weren’t incredibly loud, but It was enough to get curious. They had their curtains open I looked in the window and noticed it was my neighbor Mirian. she’s dating this guy named prust but I still I wanted to nail her, miri’s got a wide ass that wiggles and jiggles when she walks.I wanted to tell her how I felt but the timing was always off. I kissed her on the hand twice and she patted me on the butt once at a house party that was as far as things got.

He walked up to her and yelled at her she shouted at him he turned and left and she was crying, I decided to go over and try to find out what was wrong. I came over knocked on her door and she was surprised to see me and to know I lived in the same building.

mirian said she was going through some things with her boyfriend and she was desperately trying to get through it. I gave her a hug and she told me that she really appreciates my concern, I told her how beautiful she was, I really did like her though i knew it didn’t matter at all to her. mirian tells me her boyfriend doesn’t compliment her looks period. I didn’t understand how a man can be that stupid that unconcerned not to acknowledge his girlfriend’s beauty. she told me that he’s always working and that there’s no time to spend with each other.I told her that if i were her boyfriend I’d be here with her on a daily basis

“you’re so sweet” she said”where have you been all my life?”

I’ve been around the city” i said laughing”you just haven’t seen me, I saw you in a short act at the Miramar theater”

“you saw me in Ever wood? she asked

“Yeah.” i said “you looked great and you were wearing a long white dress with your hair in Indian braids.”

Mirian’s eyes lit up “omi god.” she said”you were there for the whole thing? you watched Ever wood, you saw me, why didn’t you wave to me?

“I wanted to but I didn’t want to get kicked out of the theater.” i said

Miriam leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I knew she didn’t want to go all the way with me, she wasn’t pressing her lips directly against mine they were partial kisses.

“i’ve been checkin you out” i told her

“oh Chris” she laughed”I didn’t know you liked me like that.’

“you have a gorgeous butt.” i said”I’m not hitting on you, just complementing you”

Miriam blushed she was wearing a t-shirt and white jogging pants she pulled her jogging pants down slightly

“this butt? she asked bending over in front of me. I was tempted to try something i reached over and grabbed her hand

“come over to my place later” i offered

“I don’t know about that.” she said.” I’m having dinner with Prust later,” I told her to think about it,I got up from the table and went back to my place.

Two hours had passed i was washing dishes and I looked out my window and she was sitting down the kitchen table with him eating dinner and they were talking.

Suddenly he pushed a chair, threw a piece of paper at her and threw his coat on the floor Mirian got up from the table and tried to calm him down and he motioned to her not to touch him, he pointed at her several times and pushed the chair he was sitting in. he turned and walked out of the kitchen she put her head in her hands and started crying. i didn’t know what was going on, so I waited 15 minutes and I went over there and knocked on the door, and she answered.

“Chris, Prust cheated on me last night.” she said with tears in her eyes

“really?” I asked”that aint right”

”all I can say is hang in there!” i told her as i gave her a hug”I’m sure things will get better”

As I turned to leave and she grabbed my hand “don’t go please!” she asked. i kissed her on the hand, Miriam wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me “come here” she whispered. she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom and kicked the door shut.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and stepped out of her jogging pants and slowly slid her panties down to her ankles and kicked them aside. i found myself sucking her tits and grabbing her big butt we were on the bed kissing and Miriam started tugging at my shirt she ordered me to undress and i took off everything.

Miriam gave me a long wet sloppy blowjob,running her wet tongue around my cockhead

“give it to me” she demanded.”every inch of it” she bent over in front of me. I took my cock pressed it against her pussy lips and and sank slowly inside her pussy.

”oh miri” I gasped

“umppp..ohhh…oopff fuck” she moaned her big ass started slapping loudly against my legs.

I leaned forward and kissed her on the ear and neck”yes mirian” I gasped”god this feels good”i smacked her on the ass Mirian put her head down as i humped away on her from behind she grabbed the pillows

“omi..omigod fuck me Chris!” she moaned”fick mich fick mich”

I was fuckin her so hard she started speaking german I just lay there givin miri’s pussy the business, my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips

”uhhhhh uhhhhhh christopher please fick mich harter harter”she demanded “fick mich schneller”

“uhhh mirian” I gasped”all up in that german pussy, I’ma fuck the shit out of you tonight!”

Mirian had never been fucked like this before, i gripped her waist and kept dickin her from behind I had that big white ass jigglin against my legs should’ve seen this woman’s ass cheeks wobble.

”uhhh christopher” she gasped”just…uhhhhh umpffff omigod prust never fucked me this good shit!” I pulled out then i lay on my back

”gonna give me a ride hon” she asked smiling. and she got on top of me and i grabbed a hold of her warm white butt.

“Ohh yes”she moaned “Jesus Christ..fucking a” she leaned forward and I kissed her and grabbed a firm hold of her plump white ass, I smacked her on the ass twice and ran my tongue around her nipples.

She rolled off me and lay on her back fingering her pussy, I turned up the music on my smart phone I got on top of her and pushed my cock deep between her sticky pussy lips. I began thrusting away in her warm cunt she wrapped her legs around my waist

“oh baby oh baby’”she moaned”yes Christopher…omigod fuck me. just like…omigod” her toes curled up and i came deep inside of her wet pussy

“uhh..omi.omi..god’ she moaned she looked me in the eyes and licked her lips

“thank you!” she said breathing hard i kissed her again and again

She kissed me several times and ran her fingers across my back several times,

“I needed that sweetie” she said looking up at me”Prust had his chance and he failed his mission.”

“I hope me being here for you helps” I said. Mirian smiled

”you fucked me into the nearest galaxy, my hair’s messed up I’m sweaty and dizzy, thank you” she leaned up and pressed her soft lips against mine then wrapped her legs around my waist”when we break up you’ll have total access to my pussy hon” she says


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